Indian bride getting turmeric paste applied during her vidhi in Greenville,SC.

Vidhi- Sweety + Evan – Indian Wedding Photographers Greenville,SC

The morning before Sweety and Evans wedding I arrived at the Vedic Center in Mauldin for the Vidhi. The Vedhi is a series of ceremonies and prayers which include the Ganesh Puja,  Mandva Muhurat, Pithi, and the Grah Shanti.  I cannot begin to explain how amazing this was to witness. The colors, the tradition, the closeness of the family, and an overwhelming sense of joy. My words cannot do it justice.

I would have to say one of my favorite parts of the Vidhi was the Pithi. This is a ritual that involves the bride being covered in the Pithi, which is a yellow paste made of several things including turmeric. It is said to cleanse and give the skin a radiant glow for her wedding day.  And did I mention the groom does it too? Yes Evan got to join in the fun too and was covered in the Pithi. Needless to say this made for some fun photos.

The end of the Vidhi ceremony was capped off with the women of the family walking outside around the grounds with decorative pots atop their heads.  Traditionally this was because the women would gather water to prepare for the upcoming wedding the next day. In modern times it is a symbolic ceremony. After the walking of the grounds the women come inside and receive gifts from the mother of the groom.

All in all it was an amazingly beautiful morning. I cannot thank Sweety, Evan, and both of their families enough for being so helpful, kind, and fun. A special thanks to Sweety’s cousin Sanjay for taking the time to explain some of the events of the day to me.

Here are a few of my favorite shots of the day.

Please enjoy!


Indian bride getting turmeric paste applied by her family during her vidhi in Greenville,SC.Indian bride with family and bridesmaids putting turmeric paste on her during her vidhi in Greenville,SC.Brides family during the vidhi.Indian couple smiling at the vidhi.Group of Indian women during the vidhi religious ceremony.Brides family and bridesmaid smiling during the vidhi.Indian bride smiling during her vidhi in Greenville,SC.Groom getting turmeric paste put on him at the vidhi.Indian women in deep thought during the ceremony.Indian priest during a hindu vidhi ceremony.Indian bride looks at a child at her vidhi.A vidhi taking place at the Vedic Center in Greenville, SC.The brides parents during her vidhi ceremony before an Indian wedding.Indian women participating in the vidhi ceremony.The brides family during her vidhi in Greenville,SC.An Indian bride prepares for her vidhi before her wedding,.The bride walks onto the stage at the Vedic Center.The bride at the beginning of a vidhi ceremony.The groom is surprised with turmeric paste.The bride is fed from her family during a traditional vidhi ceremony.The groom has turmeric paste applied to his face.The groom and his family at the Vedic Center in Greenville.An Indian bride and her friend.An Indian bride posing with her bridesmaid.An Indian bride places items in the fire during her vidhi ceremony.An Indian bride and her family place items in the fire during her vishi ceremony in Greenville,SC.An Indian Bride poses with her family.Indian bridesmaids walk with pots on their heads.Indian women walk with pots on their heads during a traditional vidhi ceremony.Indian women walking with pots on their heads at the end of a traditional Indian vidhi ceremony.