What a day. If you look up epic wedding in the dictionary then there should be a picture of Nicole and Jeremy’s Heyward Manor wedding. The entire day was filled with emotion and love was so in the air. And there were so many moments that just for me to blog my favorites I had to split it into 2 different blogs. So when you are finished reading and viewing this one, please visit the link to part 2 as you don’t want to miss any of this.

We started off the day with the guys getting ready at the Bleckley Inn. After spending some time there we headed to the ceremony venue, Heyward Manor, where the girls were getting ready. Upon walking in and seeing Nicole’s stunning dress hanging in the window upstairs it was evident that the spot was made for that dress. The downstairs was elegantly decorated and even utilized real Christmas trees!  It was perfect.

The ceremony was just as epic as the rest of the day. As Nicole made her grand entrance (perfectly timed to the music I might add) the look on Jeremy’s face said it all. And don’t even get me started about their vows. In almost 12 years of shooting weddings I have never heard anything like it. It was by far, hands down, the best vows I have ever heard. It was if they gave the guests a window into thier relationship perfectly describing the love these two had for each other. It was so perfectly done that its even hard to describe and do it justice.

After they said I do we spent some time with the wedding party and newlyweds at sunset, then inside for some family photos and we were off to the reception. And the magic continued over there. Please enjoy some of my highlights from Part 1 of this amazing wedding and don’t forget to visit the link for Part 2 as well!


See part 2 of this amazing wedding day here:  https://www.curetonphoto.com/blog/bleckley-station-wedding-reception-nicole-jeremy-part-2/ 


Ceremony Venue – Heyward Manor
Reception Venue – The Bleckley Station
Planner – Timeless Events
Photography – Cureton Photography
Videographer – Brandon Rice Films
Floral – Renee Burroughs Design
DJ and Lighting/Effects – Uptown Entertainment
Hair and Makeup – Cotton Rouge and Co.
Catering – Table 301
Wedding Cake – Holly’s Cakes
Transportation – GSP Limo
Rentals – Upstate Event Services, PPR, Industry Event Rentals, Optrics
Dress – Dressing Dreams
Stationary – Minted

Bride and groom kissing outside of Heyward Manor in Iva,SC. Bride and groom at a Heyward Manor wedding. Bride kissing her groom under a veil. Bride and groom kissing in front of a pond at sunset. Bride and groom snuggling under a veil. Bride and groom in a pasture. Bride and groom at sunset in a field. Bride and groom. Groom and bride hugging in front of a white barn. Groom and groomsmen watching a video. Groomsmen gift bags. Groom holding a light up tie. Groom excited at a gift. Groom fixing his tie. Groom's flower. Groom adjusting his tie. Groom laughing out the window. Groom and groomsmen on a rooftop. Bride getting makeup applied. Heyward Manor Bride's shoes. Wedding ring up close. Wedding rings on a Christmas tree. Heyward Manor setup for a wedding. Bride's shoes in a window. Heyward Manor barn outside. Bridal dress hanging in a window. Bride's dress. Bride's dress in window. Wedding dress. Bride and bridesmaids in pajamas. Bridesmaids laughing. Floral arch. Floral arch for a wedding. Bride putting a dress on. Bride getting into her dress. Bride buttoning her dress. Bride smiling. Bridesmaids helping the bride get dressed. Bridesmaids seeing the bride in her dress. Bride hugging her grandma. Bride putting on jewelry. Bride and bridesmaids. Bride and bridesmaids holding flowers over their faces. Bride and bridesmaids posing in front of a white barn. Bride and bridesmaids laughing. Bridesmaids laughing with the bride. Bride laughing with friends. Bride holding her bouquet. Bride in front of Heyward Manor. Bridal bouquet. Back of the bride's dress. Bride walking to the chapel. Bride walking into a white barn. Groom in front of a white barn. Groom and groomsmen. Groom and groomsmen in front of a white barn. Groom and groomsmen posing. Groom and groomsmen standing in warm sunlight. Groom and groomsmen in a v formation. Wedding program in a Christmas tree. Wedding program. Unity candle. Bride peeking out a window. Bridesmaids surrounding the bride. Groom at the alter. Bride and her father outside her venue. Bride and her dad making an entrance. Bride being walked down the aisle. Groom getting emotional. Bride walking down the aisle. Bride and her father. Groom shaking his bride's dad's hand. Groom smiling at the alter. Bride smiling at the alter. Heyward Manor wedding ceremony. Bride and groom saying their vows. Bride crying during her vows. Bride smiling at the alter. Groom smiling during his vows. Groom laughing at the alter. Heyward Manor wedding ceremony. Groom smiling during the wedding ceremony. Bride looking at her groom. Groom kissing his bride at the alter. First kiss. Bride and groom walking back down the aisle. Bride and groom processional. Bride and groom dancing back up the aisle. Groom kissing his bride in the aisle. Wedding party in a field. Bride showing off her ring. Bridal party cheering on the bride and groom. Wedding party hugging the bride and groom. Bride and groom under a veil. Bride and groom dancing in a field at sunset. Bride and groom slow dancing at sunset. Groom whispering into his brides ear. Bride and groom kissing in front of Heyward Manor at sunset. Groom dipping his bride at sunset.

See part 2 of this amazing wedding here:  https://www.curetonphoto.com/blog/bleckley-station-wedding-reception-nicole-jeremy-part-2/ 


Heyward Manor wedding ceremony