Table rock wedding couple looking at the mountains.

Everytime we shoot a wedding in the mountains of South Carolina i am in awe that we have all this beauty right here in our backyard. We really are blessed living in Greenville,SC. We have the mountains about an hour away. The lake is under an hour away. The beach is a little over three hours away. We are halfway between Atlanta and Charlotte. All this and our city has an amazing downtown area and awesome city and county public parks. Once again i know you are saying where is he going with this. Well it means that we are blessed with AMAZING locations for our weddings!


Brad and Katrina’s wedding was no exception. Driving up Highway 11 to Table Rock lodge the air was so clear it felt like you could reach out and touch the mountains. It was a beautifully sunny day and mildly warm for summer in SC. From the beginning i knew this was going to be a great day.


When we arrived at Table Rock Lodge it was quickly evident that this was a great venue to have a wedding at. There was plenty of space for the bride and groom to get ready and lucky for us the light was gorgeous. After sessions outside with the bridesmaids , groomsmen and a few shots of Brad and his daughters we settled in for the wedding. Danielle Baker aka The Wedding Lady performed a beautiful ceremony complete with a hand-fasting. At one point during the ceremony Brad and Katrina presented each of Brad’s daughter with a rose.


The details at the reception were immaculate. I have to give Katrina props. She designed everything from the flowers to the candy bar and it all looked amazing! She even did the programs herself and i must say they were probably my favorite that i have seen all year.


After an afternoon of dancing, dining, and posing for pictures in our photobooth (a new add on for us) the guests capped it off with some impromptu cornhole matches on the back patio of the lodge.


We had a great time with Katrina, Brad, and their family and friends. Please enjoy some of our favorite shots from the day!


A wedding at Table Rock Lodge in SC.Brides dress hanging up.Cool shot of bride shoes.Bridal bouquet.The decor for a wedding.Groom and Father before his wedding.Groom at Table Rock.A groom and his daughters share a moment before his wedding.Bridesmaids pre wedding.Bridesmaids at Table Rock.Father kissing his daughter moments before her wedding.Bride walking down the aisle with her father.The groom as he first sees his bride.The inside of Table Rock lodge during a wedding.Couple being married at Table Rock Lodge.Hand wrapping ceremony.Black and White shot of couple getting married.First Kiss.Flowers on the table.Wedding Cake.First Dance after the wedding at Table Rock Lodge in SC.First Dance at Table Rock Lodge.Bride and her father dance at her wedding.Groom and mother dance.Bride and Groom cutting the cake.Wedding Couple feeding each other cake.A beautiful view of a Table Rock Wedding.Bride and Groom with Table Rock in the background.A couple getting married in the South Carolina mountains.Bride and groom share a moment outside Table Rock lodge.Bride and Groom kissing through veil.Bride and Groom looking at table rock after their wedding.Bride and Groom at Table Rock.Kiss outside the lodge.Walkway at table rock.Bride and Father after her wedding.Bride and Groom playing corn hole at their wedding.Wedding rings shot up close.