Wedding party being chased by a sharknado.

Compositing in Photoshop is alot like playing the guitar. Well it is to me at least. Where is he going with this you ask? Well its really fun to do, I don’t have as much time to do it as I used to, the more you do it the better you get, and sometimes you just have to do it so you don’t lose your mojo. I was culling some images from a recent wedding and came to the bridal party running shot that we had shot to be edited later. If you haven’t seen it yet this is the latest trend in wedding photography where the bridal party is told to run as if they are being chased and whatever is chasing them is edited in later. A big shout out to Quinn Miller (http://www.jquinnmiller.com) who was the one who really started this trend with his awesome dinosaur wedding photo that went viral. I really like this kind of thing because it is totally creative, outside of the box, and gives me a chance to stretch the old photoshop muscles. So i digress….


When we shot this particular photo we had no preconceived notion of what exactly would be chasing them. I didn’t want to do the dinosaur because we have already recreated that one and i wanted to put another spin on this idea. So where did i turn for inspiration….the tv in my office was on Discovery for Shark Week. And we all know that every red blooded male including myself loves Shark Week. But how could a Shark chase a wedding party? Enter the Sharknado. Yes i refer to the awesomely campy movie about tornados full of Sharks that was recently a hit for the SciFy network. It was such a big hit for them they have already green lit a sequel Sharknado 2. I kid you not. Who knows maybe there is a bit part for a wedding photographer. If so i might know a guy….