Groom lifting bride at sunset at their San Souci Farms wedding.

San Souci Farms Wedding – Jenny + Matt – Sumter, SC


I have to admit I was looking forward to this wedding for a long time. About a year and a half ago Jenny and her Mom came to Greenville to meet with us and I knew leaving that meeting that we would all end up becoming great friends. That was only reinforced after meeting Matt when we did their engagement session. I really can’t say enough good things about these two. We think the world of them. I have to point out that this wedding is a prime example of why we like doing the engagement and bridal sessions as well. It gives us a chance to work with the couple before the wedding, get to really know them, and the result is that they are one hundred percent comfortable with us on their wedding day. It’s as if they forget the camera is there and that is when the real moments happen. But enough about that let’s talk about their AMAZING wedding.

We arrived early afternoon to San Souci Farms to hang out with the girls while they got ready. At first glance of this place I knew what all the hype was about. It is a stunning location. A real working farm with a lodge, a covered pavilion, and acres upon acres of scenery including gorgeous trees with Spanish moss hanging from them. This place is full of Southern charm and history. The farm was originally established in 1750 as a plantation by John Rutledge and his brothers. Rutledge was South Carolina’s first governor and signed the US Constitution…but I digress. After hanging out with the girls as they got ready we immediately took them to the site with the Spanish moss trees for some photos. Then we hung out with the guys down at the Pavilion before the ceremony.

The ceremony was as perfect as it gets. After a Jenny made her grand entrance down the steps of the Pavilion they shared vows and even performed a sand ceremony as the sun began to set over the gorgeous location. After the ceremony we took some shots of the family and bridal party and got to spend sunset with the amazing couple and make some of my favorite images to date.

I can’t thank both Jenny and Matt for letting us be a part of this awesome day. We had a blast getting to know them and their families. Please enjoy some of my favorite shots from their amazing San Souci Farms Wedding!

Bride with her head on grooms shoulder on swing.Bride and Groom standing n front of Spanish moss at San Souci Farms after the wedding.Epic shot after wedding at San Souci Farms.Bride and Groom with veil blown in the wind.Bride and groom kissing wrapped in the veil.Sign pointing to the wedding.Bride getting eye make up done.Bride smiling applying make up.The brides dress hangar with her new married name.The brides wedding dress hanging from the lodge.The brides shoes outside on a bench.The brides bouquet .Bridesmaids and bride before getting dressed on the steps on the lodge.Mom zips bride into dress.Bride getting ready at San Souci Farms.Mom kissing bride after getting ready.Bride with Spanish Moss trees in the background.Beautiful bride at San Souci Farms with Spanish moss trees.Bridesmaids standing in front of Spanish Moss.Bridesmaids showing attitude.Flower girls and ring bearers looking up at the bride.Groom and the groomsmen all wearing sunglasses.Groom and Groomsmen aging out.The archway before the wedding.Chairs setup before the wedding.Wedding cake at the pavilion at San Souci Farms.Cake and toasting glasses.Flower girls walking down the aisle.Ring bearer walking down the aisle.Groom sees his bride for the first time.Bride and dad walk down the aisle.Father walking bride down the aisle.Father and Bride walk down the aisle at San Souci Farms in Sumter,SC.Bride and groom though trees.Awesome alter at San Souci Farms.Bride smiling during the ceremony.Bride and groom looking at each other during the ceremony.Bride and Groom do sand ceremony.First kiss at the wedding ceremony.Groom kissing his bride.First Kiss at the wedding.Bride and groom walking back up the aisle.Couple right after their wedding.Bridal party after the wedding.Bride shows off her ring at San Souci Farms.Entire bridal party at San Souci Farms after the wedding.Bridal party at sunset.Bride and groom looking at each other at sunset.Bride and Groom touching foreheads at San Souci Farms.Bride and Groom at Sunset after their wedding at San Souci Farms in Sumter,SC.Groom looking at the bride during their first dance.Bride and groom during first dance as husband and wife.Couple during their first dance.Bride and Groom kissing after their first dance at San Souci Farms in Sumter,SC.Bride and Groom's first dance at their wedding reception at San Souci Farms.Bride dancing with her father.Father of the bride kissing her on the cheek.Groom dancing with his mother.Wedding cake on the table.Bride and Groom cutting the cake.Bride and Groom feeding each other.Bride and groom giving a toast.Bridesmaids having fun on the dance floor .Wedding guests dancing looking at the camera.Bride throwing the bouquet .Groom taking off the bride's garter.Groom throwing the garter.Wedding rings on burlap.Wedding rings on a cookie.Wedding rings on the invitation.Bride dancing at her wedding reception.Groom dancing having at his reception.Bride with hands in eh air.Bride and Groom kissing while guests hold sparklers after their wedding reception in Sumter,SC.Couple walking to their limo at the end of a wedding.Sparklers spelling love at the wedding leave.

Groom dipping bride at San Souci Farms.