Bride showing her henna during the mehndi in Greenville,SC.

Mehndi Party – Sweety + Evan – Indian Wedding Photographers Greenville,SC

As a photographer its hard not to be on sensory and creative overload when shooting an Indian Wedding and the events surrounding it. The events leading up to and including Sweety and Evan’s wedding were definitly one of the highlights of not only my year but my career as a photographer. Just to be able to witness these events was amazing, but to be able to capture them was a blessing. By the end of the wedding week I felt like they were our family as well and this was not just because of the amount of time we spent with them but because of their hospitality and the overwhelming sense of love surrounding every event. I can’t wait to share these images, so I invite you to come along on this journey with us starting with the Mehndi party.

What is a Mehndi party you might ask? Mendhi is another word for henna. For years henna has been considered a symbol of good luck. Women have covered their hands and feet with intricate designs and geometric patterns that promote good energy, fertility, and to ward off evil. In the Hindu tradition the Mehndi is a celebration held days before a wedding at which the bride and groom both attend. Professional henna artists apply Mehndi to the brides hands and feet.

Sweety and Evan’s Mehndi was a fun night. Music played as both families and friends celebrated the couples’ upcoming wedding. Two professional henna artists were there to apply Sweety’s Mehndi, and they did this freehand. Yes you read that right, all the intricate designs you see in the photos below where done completely by hand. I am blown away with the skill of these artists. After applying the henna to the bride it was time for the family and bridesmaids to get a turn getting henna applied to their palms.

What an amazing evening and this was only the beginning of the week for us. Stay tuned to our blog for photos of the other events. In the meantime please enjoy some of my favorite shots of the evening.

Indian bride with mehndi on her hands and feet during her party in Greenville,SC.Indian bride sitting down displaying henna tattoos.Bride with her henna covered hand in front of her face during her mehndi party in Greenville,SC.Indian bride at her Mehndi party in Greenville before her wedding.Bride and Groom at mehndi party in Greenville,SC.Indian Bride with American Groom during her mehndi party in Greenville,SC.Inidan bride and bridesmaids showing off henna covered palms during her mehndi party in Greenville,SC.Indian bride and bridesmaids showing off their mehndi.Bride and Bridesmaids henna covered hands.Beautiful bride before her Indian Wedding in Greenville SC.Brides mehndi close up.Closeup of bride during her mehndi party in Greenville,SC before her wedding.The henna being applied to the bride's feet.Guest gather at a Mehndi party in Greenville.Family of the bride getting henna applied at a Mehndi.Guest hugging at the party.The groom with the bride's family at the party.A member of the bride's family at the Mehndi.Members of the family watch the festivities at the Mehnid.Close up of henna covered hands.The brides mehndi covered feet and flowers.Indian women sitting during the Mahndi.The bride's mother talking with guests.A boy watches the festivities at the party.A dad gives flower to his daughter.Indian women showing off their henna,.Bridesmaids hugging before the Indian wedding.The groom hugging the bride and her sister.Guest laughing at the Mehndi.Women laughing having fun at the party.The brides mom greeting family.A close up of the intricate henna of the bride during her mehndi party in Greenville,SC.Beautiful Indian Bride before her wedding in Greenvilel,SC.Bridesmaids at the Mehndi.Indian girl getting henna applied.Closeup of brides hands, feet , and flowers during her mehndi party in Greenville,SC..