A couple after their Lenora's Legacy wedding during the fall season just outside of Greenville,SC.

Lenora’s Legacy Wedding – Elizabeth + Patrick – Greenville, SC Wedding Photographers


I love first looks. I feel privileged to be chosen to witness and document these moments. Don’t get me wrong I understand both sides of the fence as far as wanting to do them and not but when couples decide to and everything falls into place it can be one of the most touching shared moments of their lives. When I found out that Elizabeth and Patrick wanted to do a first look I was so excited for them for several reasons. First they chose an amazing venue to get married at. Lenora’s Legacy is a stunning landscape that screams Southern Charm. From the restored farmhouse to the converted peach shed pavilion there are so many options for us as far as locations that I knew we would have the perfect backdrop for the moment. Second I knew that after doing a first look they would be more relaxed when time came for the ceremony. And last but definitely not least it gives us more time before the wedding to spend with the just the couple on their big day and capture some amazing moments ….and there were plenty of those moments. And that was just one small part of this amazing day.

We arrived in the early afternoon and spent some time with the girls as they got ready. Once in the dress we took the girls out into the meadow on the property and got some great shots of them by the fence and out in the tall grass that you can only get this time of year. Then it was on to the first look. As Patrick waited patiently in the courtyard by the fountain Elizabeth came out of the double doors and walked up behind him, and tapped him on the shoulder. From that very moment it was evident the pure joy these two had to be starting the rest of their lives together. You could see it all over their faces. After giving them a moment we spent some time with Patrick and his groomsmen in the field and then took some shots with the family under the gazebo.

After a beautiful ceremony under the large tree facing the meadow it was on to the reception in the peach shed pavilion. The setting for the reception was a scene straight out of a bridal magazine with the immaculate floral arrangements by the talented Caroline Schell and the swinging sounds of the Monty Craig Quartet coming from the stage. Every last detail was perfect.

Please enjoy some of my favorite shots from their Lenora’s Legacy Wedding.



Groom dips bride at sunset.Bride and groom in tall grass.Groom carries bride in the field at Lenora's Legacy.Groom and Bride at sunset.Bride kissing groom at sunset.Lenora's legacy sunset.Bride and groom during sunset at Lenora's Legacy.Bride and groom between bushes in courtyard.Bride and groom pose in a field.Black and white of groom carrying bride in a field.
Bride's dress hanging in courtyard.

Bride's shoes on a railing.Bridal gifts on a sofa.Bride putting on makeup.Mom helps bride into dress.Mom and bride before wedding at Lenora's Legacy.Bride standing in window light.Bride giving bridesmaids gifts.Bride's father sees her for the first time.Bride and her bridesmaids before wedding.Bridesmaids with flowers covering their faces.Creative shot of bride showing her ring to her bridesmaids.Bride and bridesmaids before a wedding at Lenora's Legacy.Groom hanging out before first look.Groom waiting to see his bride.Groom right before he sees his bride.Black and white of bride and groom's first look.Bride and groom during first look.Bride and Groom's first look before their wedding at Lenora's Legacy.Bride and groom leaning on a fence.Groomsmen in the field.Groomsmen posing in the field at Lenora's Legacy.Groomsmen on the steps at Lenora's Legacy.Entire bridal party at Lenora's Legacy for a wedding.Wedding party in amazing sunlight.Groom and groomsmen walk down the aisle.Bride and father walk down the aisle.Ftehr walks his daughter down the aisle at Lenora's Legacy.Groom sees his bride walking down the aisle.Black and white of bride and father walking down the aisle.Father giving away his daughter at hear wedding.Bride and her father before wedding.Groom looks at his bride during the ceremony.Bride and groom exchanging rings.Bride looks at pastor during ceremony.Brides mother looks on during the ceremony.First kiss during their Lenora's Legacy wedding.Black and white photo of bride and groom at Lenora's Legacy.Bride and Groom hugging during golden hour at Lenora's Legacy.Bride and groom hug after their Lenora's Legacy wedding.Bride hugs groom in golden sunlight.Closeup of bride and groom before their reception.Bride and groom hugging.Awesome floral arrangement next to the wedding cake.Beautiful wedding cake by Publix.Best man toasting his brother.Best man giving his toast.Bride and groom watch as they are toasted by the groom's brother.Groom and brother hug after toast.The matron of honor gives a heartfelt toast.The matin of honor gives her toast.Father of the bride toasts the couple.Bride and groom cutting the cake at their reception.Bride and groom cutting their cake.Groom feeds bride cake.Bride feeding groom cake.Bride feeds groom cake.Bride kisses groom after cake cutting.Lenora's Legacy pavilion at night.Wedding rings in the middle of a pink flower.Wedding rings on top of a mountain dew bottle.Bride throws the bouquet.Bride watches the bouquet being caught.Bride and groom dancing after their wedding.Bride and groom dancing at their reception.Bride and group dancing.lenoras-legacy-wedding-fall-084Bride and Father dancing at the reception.Bride dancing with her father.

 Elizabeth and Patrick’s Lenora’s Legacy Wedding

Coordinator – Autumn Golob

Officiant – Steve Cowden

Band – Monty Craig Quartet

Flowers – Caroline Schell

Cake – Publix Bakery

Dresses – Ann Taylor