A couple before their Greenville SC Indian Wedding.

Sweety + Evan – Greenville SC Indian Wedding Photographers – Part 1

There are so many awesome photos that I wanted to share  from Sweety and Evan’s amazing wedding day that I decided to split it up into two different blog posts.  This one will cover the morning/afternoon with part 2 covering the evening/reception. With that being said…

Early that morning we arrived at the hotel where the girls were getting ready and I was surprised by the energy in the room before 6 a.m., especially considering how crazy fun the Garba was the evening before with all the dancing. It was great to open the door and see that Shantel was there doing the bridal makeup. She is truly a master of her craft and always does an AMAZING job. It always makes the day even better for us when we get to work with amazing vendors such as her. After some quick detail shots and final touches of makeup and hair it was time for Sweety to get into the dress. Everyone in the room was in awe of how amazing she looked in the dress. We also got to catch a special moment with her and her mother before we left that happened just as the morning sunrise was peeking through the window. Amazing bride + amazing light + amazing moment = one of my favorite shots of  the year.

From the hotel it was on to The Loom in Simpsonville. We got to spend some time with Sweety and Evan after a first look and then it was time for the ceremony to begin. I know I have said it before, but must say it again, if you ever get invited to an Indian wedding it is an experience you will never forget. The ceremony began with the groom’s procession. Evan and his sister rode a horse draw carriage around the building as the wedding party danced in front of them leading the way. When they arrived at the door of the building Evan was greeted by Sweety’s mom, then they had a small ceremony at the door before entering the building. Once inside she led him to the mandap where a sheet was place in front of him to block any view of the bride from him. The girls in the wedding party then made their way down the aisle. Soon after Sweety made her grand entrance where she was escorted down the aisle by her uncles. After arriving under the mandap the sheet in front of Evan was let down revealing the bride. The ceremony was full of fun including moments such as when they were standing up and raced back to their seats to see who could be the first to sit down. Tradition says that whoever is first will be the head of household. (Sweety won!) There was also the ongoing game of “let me steal the grooms shoes”. Sweety’s family took his shoes and it was up to his groomsmen and family to try and get them back.

After an incredibly beautiful ceremony we spent some time taking family and bridal party shots, then a wonderful lunch of traditional Indian food was served. It had been an amazing day already and we were only half way there. Please enjoy some of my favorite shots from the day! Part 2 coming next…



Groom and bride before their Indian wedding in Greenville,SC.Bride and groom pose after their first look in Simpsonvillle,SC at the Loom.Couple looking through brides veil outside their Indian wedding in Greenville,SC..

Beautiful Indian bride before her wedding in Greenville,SC.
Bride and bridesmaids pose outside the Loom in Simpsonville.Bride and Bridesmaids in full Indian dresses.Bridal party before their Indian wedding in Greenville,SC.Groom and groomsmen pose beside an old mill wall at the Loom in Simpsonville.Groom and groomsmen pose before his Indian wedding .Groom and groomsmen kidding around before Indian wedding in Greenville,SC.Indian bride poses inside the Loom.Bride and groom sit on a couch before their wedding.Bride getting ready at her hotel.Bride gets ready before her Indian wedding in Greenville,SC.Indian bridal dress laid on a bed/Indian bridal shoes.Jewelry to be worn by Indian bride.Bridesmaids see the bride for the first time.Brides mom and cousin help her get ready before her Indian wedding in Greenville,SC.Shantel the makeup artist puts on the finishing touches of the Indian bride's makeup.Bride's sister helping the bride get ready.Bride's family help the bride get ready.Indian bride and her mother share a moment in gorgeous light before her Indian wedding in Greenville,SC.Beautiful Indian bride looking at the camera.Indian bride praying.Groom laughing with bride during their first look.High fashion pose from a couple before their Indian wedding in Greenville,SC..Bride covering grooms eyes showing her elaborate jewelry,Groom awaiting his bride for a first look.Groom turns to see his bride for the first time.Groom and bride stand under the mandap their Indian wedding in Greenville,SC..Groom and bride showing their shoes.Groom with sword before his processional.Mother of the bride feed the groom.Groom on his chariot before the processional.greenville-sc-indian-wedding-037greenville-sc-indian-wedding-038greenville-sc-indian-wedding-039greenville-sc-indian-wedding-040greenville-sc-indian-wedding-041Bride;s mother greets the groom at the door during traditional Indian wedding.Bride's mother with the groom beginning the ceremony.Brides sister before the ceremony.Bride's mother leads the groom to the mandapBride makes her processional during her Indian wedding in Greenville,SC..The bride is led down the aisle by her uncles.Beautiful Indian bride walks down the aisle.Bride and groom share a laugh during their ceremony.Bride and groom put items in the fire their Indian wedding in Greenville,SC..Brides cousin kidding around with the groom.Bride makes out to the couch first during the ceremony.Brides mother hugs the groom during the wedding ceremony.Bride and groom throw rice into the air during their Indian wedding in Greenville,SC..Bridesmaid stealing the grooms shoes.Brides cousins during the wedding ceremony.Bride and groom share a laugh during the ceremony.Bride and groom sitting under the mandap.Bride feeds groom during the traditional Indian ceremony.Bride and groom with the bride's mother during the ceremony.Bride and her mother during the Indian ceremony.Indian bride looks away during the ceremony.Bride's mother gazes at her daughter during the Indian wedding.Brides sister look on during the ceremony.Beautiful flowers over the mandap.Groom hugs a member of the bride's family after the ceremony.Bride and groom pose under the mandap after their Indian wedding in Greenville,SC..Bride's cousin cries as the bride and groom leave the ceremony.