Couple standing in sparklers outside their wedding at The Davenport in Greer,SC.


The Davenport Greer SC Wedding – Kayla + Greg – Greenville,SC Wedding Photographers

What an amazing evening it was. Many words come to mind when describing Kayla and Greg’s weddings but one sums it up best…family.  You could feel the love in the room and i can honestly say to was one of the most fun weddings that we have been to all year.  Every guest seemed to have an amazing time. Which is awesome for us because amazing moments equals amazing photos.

Back to the word family. There was a good reason that these families seemed to be pretty familiar with each other. Because this wasn’t the first time they were on opposite sides of the aisle from each other. Kayla’s sister is married to Greg’s brother. How cool is that?  From Greg’s brother performing the ceremony (which was a complete surprise to Greg) to the heartfelt toasts by each of their siblings which included some great stories it was obvious that these families were very close.

We started off the day at the beautiful bridal loft upstairs at The Davenport in downtown Greer,SC. This room has some of my favorite light of any spot we have shot of brides getting ready. And it has an amazing exposed brick wall that perfectly compliments plenty of window light making an amazing backdrop for the start of the day. After taking some awesome shots of the dress and details, it was time for Kayla to get into the dress. From there we took the girls out around The Davenport on Trade Street and Randall Streets to take some amazing shots as the sun began to set.

After that it was the guys turn. We got some great images of these guys at sunset. These guys were great all night. We even took them out for a few minutes during the reception to make some awesome shots of them doing some very super hero like poses.

The ceremony itself was beautiful . Both Kayla and Greg shared vows that they had written themselves and Greg’s brother did a great job officiating. After the ceremony and a few family photos it was time to get the party started. After enjoying some tasty food from Mutt’s BBQ the guest danced the night away. I mean really, this was some of the best dancing i have seen in a while complete with renditions of Ice, Ice Baby and the worm.

Word’s cannot express how much fun we had being a part of Kayla and Greg’s awesome day. We made some great new friends and some amazing images.

Please enjoy a few of my favorites from Kayla and Greg’s The Davenport Greer, SC wedding!


Bride and Groom kissing after their Davenport Greer,SC wedding.Bride and Groom in Greer City Park after their wedding at The Davenport in Greer,SC..Groom dips bride on Trade Street in Downtown Greer,SC.Bride and Groom in front of fountain.Bride and Groom in Greer City park.Bride dragging groom to the wedding.Bride and Groom standing gangsta style.Brides dress hanging in the bridal loft at The Davenport in Greer,SC..Brides shoes before her wedding.Brides shoes in a window. Bride putting her earrings on.Closeup of the wedding ring.Bride getting ready.
Brides momo fastening dress.Bride in the bridal loft.Bride and bridesmaids outside The Davenport.Bride pointing flowers at the camera.Bride and Bridesmaids before her wedding.Bride and bridesmaids posing in downtown Greer,SC.Bride and bridesmaids posing under the fall colors of a tree.Bride and Bridesmaids posing on a brick wall.Bride and Bridesmaids walking the streets of downtown Greer,SC.Bride and Bridesmaids at sunset.Bride and Bridesmaids at sunset outside The Davenport in Greer,SC.Bride and Bridesmaids showing attitude.Bridesmaids kissing bride.Bride at sunset in downtown Greer,SC.Groom in uniform with groomsmen outside at The Davenport in Greer,SC.Groom and Groomsmen before the wedding at The Davenport in Greer,SC.Groom and Groomsmen walking the streets of downtown Greer,SC. Groomsmen outside before the wedding.Groom in uniform laughing while all groom men stand at attention.Wedding name cards.Centerpiece of flowers at The Davenport.Wedding cake by Publix bakery.Bride and escorts enter her wedding.Bride escorted down the aisle at The Davenport.Groom sees his bride for the first time walking down the aisle.Father kisses his daughter at her wedding.Bride smiling during her wedding ceremony.Bride crying at her wedding.Bride laughing during her reception.Bride and Groom sharing a first kiss.Bride and Groom walking back down the aisle.Entire wedding party after the wedding.Creative wedding party photo at The Davenport in Greer,SC.Bride and dress at The Davenport in downtown Greer,SC.Bride on the stair case after her wedding at The Davenport in Greer,SC.Couple kissing at the fountains in downtown Greer,SC.Bride and groom kissing at Greer City Park after their wedding.Couple entering their wedding reception.Couple enters the reception after their wedding at The Davenport in Greer,SC..Couple dancing their first dance at their wedding at The Davenport in Greer,SC..Couple kisses during their first dance .Bride and her father dancing at her reception.Bride and her uncle dancing at her wedding.Bride and her uncle take a bow.Groom and mother dancing at the wedding reception.Groom and his mother dancing at his wedding at The Davenport in Greer,SC.Engraved wedding toast glasses.Groomsmen, bride, and groom, toasting.Groomsman giving his toast.Maid of honor toasts bride.Bride and maid of honor hugging after the toast.Mother of the groom toasts the couple at the reception.Father toasts the bride at the reception.Couple cutting their wedding cake.Bride and Groom smearing cake on each others face at their wedding at The Davenport in Greer,SC.Groom with wedding cake on his face.Couple kissing after cutting their wedding cake.Bride throwing bouquet.Bride prepares to throw her bouquet.Groom taking off the garter.Groom punches the ground as groomsmen go flying in this creative groomsmen photo.Groom and Groomsmen in superman shirts.Groom and Groomsmen showing super hero shirts at a wedding at The Davenport in Greer,SC.Bride dancing at her reception.Awesome dancing shot of groomsmen at the reception.Groomsmen dancing.Wedding guests dancing.Groomsmen doing a dance to Ice Ice Baby at the reception.Bridesmaids having a good time.Bride looking up at groom dancing.Bridesmaid dancing after the wedding.Guest having a goo time at the reception.Groom dancing to call me maybe.Groomsman dancing at the reception.Groom singing to the music at his reception.Bride and bridesmaids dancing.Groom and groomsmen dancing.Guest dancing at a wedding at The Davenport in Greer,SC.Bride's uncle dancing at her wedding.Groom and groomsmen dancing at a wedding at The Davenport in Greer,SC.Guest doing the worm at the reception.Bridesmaid dancing with her father at the reception.Couple dancing at their wedding reception.Group shots of all wedding guests at The Davenport in downtown Greer,SC