Rochelle and Reggie after their wedding at the Cliffs of Glassy Chapel.

Cliffs at Glassy Wedding – Zen Greenville Reception – Rochelle + Reggie

I must admit that if I had to plan mine and Anne’s wedding today choosing venues would be really hard. That being said on the list would be Cliffs at Glassy Chapel and Zen in downtown Greenville,SC. Both venues have an elegance about them that is indescribable because words can’t do either justice. You have to experience them.

We started off the day at the Marriot downtown Greenville where the girls were getting ready. From the start of the day Rochelle was one of the most laid back, calm,  happy brides that I have ever dealt with. Seriously, if she had any nervousness it was not evident at all from my standpoint. After tasking some shots of details and Rochelle getting her makeup applied from makeup artist extraordinaire Renata Stewart (who did an amazing job!) it was time to put on her amazing dress. Her dress (see photos below) was one of the most beautiful dresses I have seen. From there it was off to the Cliffs.

We arrived at the Cliffs to find picture perfect weather. Clear skies and white puffy clouds. As the ceremony began and Rochelle walked down the aisle, Reggie had the picture perfect expression as he saw his bride for the first time. Some moments that we capture stick with you and I don’t ever think I’ll forget the look on his face. Pure joy and love. After a beautiful wedding we took the family and wedding party around back of the chapel to the overlook for photos. I honestly don’t know if there is a better place in South Carolina to shoot, especially on a day like we had. Once the wedding party and family was done we spent some time with Rochelle and Reggie then it was off to Zen in downtown Greenville for the reception.

Zen has a vibe to it unlike any other venue. Add in some amazing food and the sounds of the NuSound band and you have the recipe for an amazing reception. Guest danced the afternoon away as the band rocked the house. If anyone is looking for a great wedding band look no further that Nusound. Awesome vocals, a tight rhythm section, and a great stage presence. The event was unlike any other and everyone in attendance had a great time. It was truly an honor for us to be there to capture it. After the event came to a close Rochelle and Reggie were cool enough to spend some time with us outside Zen in the garden and up in the suite upstairs for some more photos that turned out amazing.

Enjoy some of my favorites from this awesome day!


A married couple standing on the rocks after their wedding at the Cliffs of Glassy Chapel.Couple on the top of the mountain after their wedding at Cliffs at Glassy Chapel.Bride and Groom at a Glassy Chapel wedding.Bride getting ready at the downtown Greenville Marriot.Bride getting her makeup applied.Bride reading a letter from her husband to be.

Bride wiping tears backMakeup artist Renata Stewart doing her magic.Beautiful Bridal gown in downtown Greenville.Creative photo of the brides shoes.The brides mom helping her into her dress.
The bride and her mom share a moment before her Glassy Chapel wedding.

Bride and mom share a moment before her wedding at the Cliffs.Beautiful bride in window light.
Beautiful smiling bride before her wedding.The groom entering Glassy Chapel.The bride enters Glassy Chapel.The bride walking down the aisle at Cillfs at Glassy.Bride walking dow the aisle at Glassy Chapel.The groom sees his bride for the first time.Groom smiling as his bride walks down the aisle at Glassy Chapel.Pano of Cliffs at Glassy Chapel interior during a wedding.The bride looks at her husband during the wedding.The exchanging of vows.Groom smiling during a wedding.First kiss at Glassy Chapel.Bride and Groom walking up the aisle after their Glassy Chapel wedding.Groomsmen outside the chapel.Groomsmen at the overlook at Glassy Chapel.The groomsmen showing off their patent leather Chucks.The groomsmen kidding around.The wedding party at the lookout.Creative wedding party photo at Glassy Chapel.The entire wedding party after the Glassy Chapel wedding.The bridesmaids at the lookout.Bridesmaids holding flowers in front of their faces.Beautiful back shot of the bridesmaids at Glassy Chapel.Bride posing at the lookout behind Cliffs at Glassy Chapel.Bride and groom at Glassy Chapel.Bride and groom overlooking the mountains at Glassy Chapel.Groom does super hero pose after his wedding at Glassy Chapel..Groom and Bride in the clouds at Glassy Chapel..Glassy Chapel in South Carolina.Bride and Groom before their wedding reception.Bride and groom at their wedding reception at Zen in downtown Greenville.Bride and Groom kissing at Zen in downtown Greenville..Brides bouquet .Bride and Groom entering the reception.Bride and groom having their first dance at their reception at Zen in downtown Greenville.First dance at Zen in downtown Greenville..Groom and bride having their first dance as a married couple.Bride and groom laughing.Cute baby at the reception.Beautiful wedding cake.Gorgeous wedding cake at Zen in downtown Greenville..Bride and groom cutting the cake.Guests dancing.Guests dancing at the reception.Guests dancing at Zen in downtown Greenville..Unsound band playing at Zen in downtown Greenville..Wedding guest smiling at the camera.Guests dancing at the wedding reception. Bride posing with guests.Brides mom dancing the the wedding.Guests dancing to the sounds of NuSound band.Unsound band playing the wedding reception.Guest dancing at Zen.The bride tossing her bouquet .Closeup macro shot of the wedding rings.Bride and groom dancing.The bride in the loft at Zen in downtown Greenville..Bride and Groom relaxing in the loft after there reception at Zen in downtown Greenville..Groom relaxing at Zen in downtown Greenville..