Fearless Photographer Award Winning Photo

We won a Fearless Award! – Award Winning Wedding Photographer Greenville,SC

Yes! We won a Fearless Award. For those of you who don’t know what Fearless Photographers is I will explain my joy. Fearless is an exclusive group of the best wedding photographers in the world. To even be a member of this group you have to apply and get your work reviewed to make sure it is up to their standards.(Look at some of the other photos in the collection and you will see what I mean). I applied late last year and we were accepted into the group which on its own was pretty cool but I digress. Several times a year members can submit to be a part of their collections. Of all the photos submitted only %10 are accepted. Fast forward to today when IĀ found out that we won a Fearless Award for their recent collection. To be named in the same group as these other photographers is a huge honor for us and we can’t be happier.