Bride laying on the grass at the Rock Quarry Garden in Greenville,SC.

Rock Quarry Garden Bridal – Samantha – Greenville SC

It is no secret that we love pushing the envelope of creativity during our bridal sessions. While we do respect traditional posing and take those shots as well, we absolutely love doing something different. I try to always look for shots outside the norm. This is amplified times ten when we get to work with a bride that totally trusts us and is up for trying anything.  Well Samantha was definitely that bride.  Not only was she up for anything we suggested, she was encouraging it. I mean how many brides are willing to lay on the ground in their dress…..before the wedding. I must add a disclaimer that we do put something under the bride hidden very well so that the dress does not get dirty. Needless to say we had a lot of fun with Samantha.

For her bridal she chose the Rock Quarry Garden in downtown Greenville as the location. This is one of my favorite spots for a bridal session. There are so many different looks and possibilities in a small area that doesn’t involve making a bride walk a lot to get to them. And surprising enough there are usually not a ton of people there as there are other locations in town.

We started out on the back side of the park near the waterfall and took some traditional bridal shots. From there we moved across the bridge to a great spot in front of some elephant ears where we took some more dramatic shots including those in which she was laying on the ground. I am absolutely thrilled with how these shots turned out. I can’t wait to see them printed large (hint hint maybe at our next bridal show:)

We had so much fun with Samantha and it shows. We totally feed off of the energy of who we are working with and she totally rocked this session.

Please enjoy some of my favs from the day!


Dramtic photo in front of elephant ears at a recent Rock Quarry Garden bridal in Greenville,SC.Bride holding her flowers in tehgarden.Closeup of a bridal bouquet .Bride standing in front of pampers grass.Timeless black and white bridal pose.Bride at the Rock Quarry Garden in Greenville.Bride on the steps of the rock quarry garden.Bride at sunset in Greenville,SC.Bride on the ground during a Rock Quarry Garden bridal in downtown Greenville,SC.