A bride to be and her fiancee during an engagement session at Pearson's Falls.

Pearson’s Falls Engagement Session – Haley + Reese – Greenville,SC Wedding Photographers

It always make me feel good when people that were in a past wedding party of ours call us for their wedding, even more so when it was one of the family members. We met Haley almost 4 years ago when we shot her brother Brandt and his wife Christina’s wedding. We had such a great time getting to know her family which is why I was ecstatic when I found out Haley was engaged and that she wanted us to be her photographers for her wedding.

We met Haley and Reese at Pearson’s Falls for their engagement session. Pearson’s Falls is a few miles outside of Tryon, NC in Saluda and would be an awesome spot for a session just because of the amazing scenery,  but even more so for Haley and Reese because it is a special place for them. It is where he proposed.

We started off down the 1/4 mile trail to the falls making note of all the cool spots to stop and shoot on the way back. Once we made it to the Falls I was blown away.  This was the first time we had shot at this location, and actually the first time I had ever been there. Photos do not do the falls justice. It is beautiful. Amazing. And TALL. Seriously it is hard to show the sheer size of the falls in a photo. If you are looking for a cool day trip from Greenville,SC check it out., but I digress. We shot several photos in the exact spot where he proposed in front of the falls and spent some time in and around that area. Then we journeyed back down the trail stopping at several spots to catch a photo here or there. After a quick outfit change (which we always recommend for engagement session) it was onto another trail until the park was ready to close.

On the way back to Greenville, Haley and Reese were cool enough to follow us to another spot with an open field that I have been wanting to shoot in for years and the pictures turned out amazing. I am so excited for these two. They are an awesome couple and I can’t wait for their wedding this November.

Please enjoy some of my favorites from the day!


A couple looks into each other eyes during their Pearson's Falls engagement session.A couple sitting on a bench looking at Pearson's Falls.An engaged couple in the spot that he proposed during their Pearson's Falls engagement session.A couple standing in front of Pearson's Falls in Saluda,NC.A girl leans of her fiancee during their Pearson's Falls engagement session.A couple liking at each other through the bushes.An engaged couple holding hands.A couple cheek to cheek during their Pearson's Falls engagement session..A couple sits on the trail at Pearson's Falls.A couple kissing on the bridge during their Pearson's Falls engagement session.A bride is carried by her groom to be during their Pearson's Falls engagement session.Closeup picture of a recently engaged couple.Couple on the parking lot of Pearson;s Falls.Couple in an amazing sunset during their Pearson's Falls engagement session.A couple dipping with the mountains in the background.Beautiful sunset on the way back from Pearson's Falls.A couple dipping after their engagement session in a field.Couple sitting in a rural field during their engagement session.A couple staring at the mountains.A girl and her fiancee in the mountains.Fiancee kissing his bride to be's hand.A couple during their Pearson's Falls engagement session hugging.