Engaged couple looking at each other during a Greenville South Carolina engagement session.

 Greenville SC Summer Engagement – Jessie + Chris

We love hearing love stories. How couples met, the first date, and even better the proposal. When we met up with Jessie and Chris for their downtown Greenville,SC engagement session we had the pleasure of hearing all about how Chris proposed and I have to admit there was a cool twist to the story. Chris had setup the perfect moment. Rose petals on a bridge in downtown Atlanta (where he lives). He even had a GoPro recording to catch the moment. However when he later arrived with Jessie to pop the question there was another couple making use of his perfect moment. Another guy was proposing to his girlfriend in the same spot. Chris then explained how this was all for Jessie and popped the question himself. Crazy huh? Later when he checked the video he had captured their whole thing as well. That is totally a story that they can one day tell their grandkids, but I digress.

We started out the day in the beautiful Falls Park on the Reedy in downtown Greenville,SC. The flowers are in percent bloom this time of year which makes for a gorgeous backdrop. We stopped at several places in the park including a little re-creation of the engagement on one of the bridges in the park. And we had to stop at “the tree” for photos as well. I have to say the black and white shot of them in front of the roots has to be one of my favorites that i have shot in the at location. I can totally see that as a 36×48″ canvas in our office. After exploring that side of the park we walked down the other side behind the Peace Center and took some great shots over there as well.

We had a blast hanging out with Jessie and Chris and can’t wait for their wedding next year!

Please enjoy!


Couple standing in tall grass at Falls Park in downtown Greenville.Engaged couple standing in front of the tree roots at Falls Park in Greenville,SC.Engaged couple in front of wall of Ivy.Engaged couple standing in the sunlight at Falls Park.Close-up of the engaged couple.Man proposing to his girlfriend on the bridge at Falls Park in Greenville, SC.Couple hugging on the bridge in Greenville, SC.Engaged couple looking at the camera in falls park.Black-and-white photo of a couple kissing in the middle of flowers in a park in downtown Greenville, SC.Engaged couple sitting in the flowers in downtown Greenville, SC.Photo of an engaged couple standing at the top of the steps behind the Peace Center in downtown Greenville.Engaged couple kissing with beautiful blue sky background.Romantic black-and-white photo of a couple leaning up against a tree in downtown Greenville, SC.