Couple posing at sunset after their Greenville SC Indian Wedding.

Sweety + Evan –  Indian Wedding Photographer Greenville SC – Part 2

After the amazing ceremony in the morning we had a short three hour break and it was back at the Loom in Simpsonville, SC for the reception. We showed up a few minutes before the reception was to begin so that we could have some time with Sweety and Evan during sunset. Around back of the venue there was a great spot with some open sky and even a pond which we used for some really cool sunset reflection shots. Sunset shots are one of my favorite parts of the wedding day. After all of the hustle ofthe ceremony it is time that the bride and groom get to slow things down for a few minutes and catch their breath before returning to the reception.


After sunset shots the wedding party was introduced and it was time for our second ceremony of the day. Since the morning was a traditional Indian wedding there was no exchange of rings or vows, so they saved that for the evening. As their friends and family stood beside them they had a short ceremony where they exchanged rings and vows and went straight into a first dance. I know I have said it before but there were so many picture perfect moments in their wedding day/night and this was one of them.


The night was full of those moments. From the father-daughter dance, and mother-son dance to the toasts by the family and wedding party, you could feel the abundance of love in the room. And did I mention the dance performances? Wow talk about amazing. There were three dance performances that completely blew me away. If Ididn’t know that it was her family performing I would have sworn that they were professional dancers.


DJ Desi kept the party going and the dance floor full as the guests and family danced the night away while taking the occasional break to visit the photo booth. It had an awesome backdrop that was handmade by Evan’s sister. All in all it was a magical evening that was brought to a close with an amazing sparkler leave.

Please enjoy part 2 of Sweety and Evan’s amazing wedding day/night!


Couple posing outside the Loom in Simpsonville after their Indian wedding.Couple at sunset before their reception at The Loom in Simpsonville,SC.Groom dipping the bride at sunset outside the Loom in Simpsonville after their wedding.Bride and Groom at sunset with amazing sky colors.All you need is love wedding sign.Wedding sign details.Closeup of wedding cupcakes.Old door used at wedding as seating map.Cupcake bar at The Loom in SImpsonville.Wedding tablescapes for a December wedding.Mr. and Mrs. sign for wedding reception seats.The Loom in Simpsonville setup for a wedding reception.Grooms father gives a blessing over the food.Bride and Groom making their entrance at the reception.Bride and Groom make their entrance at their Indian wedding reception at The Loom in Simpsonville,SC.Bride and Groom during wedding ceremony at The Loom.Bride and groom exchanging vows.Groom putting a ring on the brides finger.Bride putting a ring on the groom's finger.Bride and Groom's first kiss.Bride and Groom dancing a first dance at the Lom.Groom smiles during the first dance.Couple dancing their first dance at their wedding reception.Groom and Bride dancing.Bride looks at Groom during a dance at their Indian wedding reception.Married couple kissing after their first dance.Bride and Groom cutting the cake at their Indian wedding reception.Bride and Groom feeding each other cake at their Indian wedding reception at The Loom.Bride and Groom cutting their cake.Groom kissing bride after cake cutting.Groom and mother dancing at the reception.Groom and mother dancing at The Loom.Groom and mom hugging after their dance.Bride and Father dance at The Loom.Bride and father dance at her Indian wedding reception.Bride laughing during father-daughter dance.Dad laughing during father-daughter dance at the reception.Groom's brother giving a toast.Groom and his brother hugging after the toast.Brides sister giving a toast.Bride's sister giving a toast at the reception.Brides family giving a toast at the reception.Bride hugging her family after the toast.Groom's friend gives a toast.Groom giving a friend a hug after the toast.Bride and groom hugging bride's cousin after he gave a toast.Bride and Groom hug her cousin.Flower girls dancing at an Indian wedding reception.Flower girl dances at an Indian wedding reception.Flower girl dancing a traditional Indian dance at the reception.Flower girls dancing for the bride and groom.Bride's cousin dances for her at the reception.Bride's sister performs for her at her Indian wedding reception.Bride's sister dances and performs for her at her Indian wedding reception at The Loom.Bride's sister perform Indian dance for her at the reception.Bride's sister dancing.Bride and Father dancing at the reception.Father smiling at his daughter during a dance at their reception.Bride's sister giving a toast.Bride and Groom look on as their family gives toasts.Bride's cousin gives a toast at her wedding.Bride's sister performing an Indian dance.Bride and groom clap for the wedding performances.Bride and groom at their table during the reception.Grooms parents look on at the wedding performances.Brode and Groom laugh during the wedding toasts.Bride dances with her sister after her performance at the reception.Brides sister performing a dance number.Guest dancing at the reception.Guests and family dancing the night away at the Loom in Simpsonville.Bride's family dancing at her wedding reception.Bride's parents dancing at her Indian wedding reception.Closeup of the bride's wedding ring.Bride throwing flowers instead of bouquet .Bridal party trying to catch the flowers.Groom taking off the bride's garter.Groom prepares to throw garter.Groom tossing garter with it in mid-air.Groomsmen and guest catching the garter.Bride dancing with friends at her wedding reception.The newlyweds posing in the photo booth.Groom poses at the Photo Booth.Bride's father dancing at the reception.Brode and groom thanking their guests.Brie and groom kissing under sparklers at The Loom.Groom dipping the bride during a sparkler leave.Bride and Groom making a sparkler exit at The Loom in Simpsonville.Bride an Groom during a sparkler leave at The Loom in Simpsonville after their Indian wedding reception.Couple getting into the limo.