Groom jumps motorcycle over fiancee at sunset in Greenville,SC during an engagement session.

Greenville Motorcycle Engagement  – Stephanie and Michael – Greenville,SC Wedding Photographers

So its no surprise that we love doing sessions that are a little outside the box….or a lot outside the box…ok so we love throwing the box out all together sometimes. When I first discussed with Stephanie about shooting their engagement session and found out that Michael was a talented motocross racer and that they would love to incorporate that into their session there was no question that I wanted to shoot this session. Ok let me rephrase that…I REALLY wanted to shoot this session. Lucky for us there is an awesome motocross track right down the road in Taylors,SC called Lakeside MX and they were gracious enough to let us use their facility after hours for this session. We can’t thank them enough for being so cool.

When we showed up at the track the weather was perfect and Stephanie and Michael looked great. Michael had his bike cleaned up and ready to ride. Before we ventured into full on action shots we strolled around the trails of the property and took some great casual shots of them and it was immediately obvious that they were our kind of people. After just a few minutes talking with them I felt like we had been friends for years. They totally rocked out this part of the session and there were a ton of cool places around the property to shoot. After a few minutes of shooting Michael changed into his racing gear and it was time to shoot some with the bike. It couldn’t have been a better setup. The sun was going down with slight chill in the air and there was a perfect almost purple color in the sky. We found the best spot for the jump shot and Michael was amazing on the bike. Seriously. First I have to explain that when talking a shot like this with a jumping motorcycle we like to shoot several shots to get the absolute perfect expression, lighting, and timing just right. Michael nailed the jump every time. Perfect.

We had such a great time with these two and made two new friends.  A definite win in my book.

Please enjoy some of my favorites from the session!


Girl kissing her fiancee at sunset.Bride to be on the back of a motorcycle at sunset during an engagement session in Greenville, SC.Couple on a motorcycle at sunset during an engagement session in Greenville,SC.Silhouette of a couple on a motorcycle at sunset.Couple kissing in tall grass at a motocross track.Couple walking through tall grass.Couple sharing a moment during their engagement session.Couple in the woods during an engagement session at a motocross track.Bride kisses groom to be.Bride and groom peeking through a wooded area during an engagement session.Cool silhouette shot of a couple on a motocross track during their engagement session in Greenville,SC.Couple with the sun flaring in.Couple standing in tall brush backlit.Nice closeup of an engaged couple.Groom kissing his fiancee in front of a storage container.Girl on the back of a motorcycle during her engagement session.Couple on a motorcycle kissing at sunset.Bride to be holding up a sign like one of the track girls.