Bride and Groom at the Garba party before their Indian Wedding in Greenville,SC.


Garba – Sweety + Evan – Indian Wedding Photographers Greenville SC

After the vidhi ceremony on the eve of their beautiful Indian wedding the families and friends gathered at the Vedic Center in Greenville,SC for the Garba Raas. So you might be asking what is a Garba Rass? In short it is a night of energetic dancing and fun with many guest wearing some of the most colorful and amazing traditional Indian clothing that you have ever seen. As a photographer, yet again I was blown away by the imagery and as a person curious about cultures other than my own I was mezmerized by the entire event. I have to say even the inner musician in me was blown away by the music. I found myself searching Spotify for Bollywood music in the days following the event. Seriously if you ever get invited to a Garba Rass by all means go. It is an event that you will never forget.

To explain it a little more I will start with the name. Both Garba and Rass are traditional Indian folk dances. Garba is done by a group and in a circular fashion. The songs are long enough where even those that are new to it can get the hang of it by the end of the song. Rass is done in two lines where people pair up using dandiya which are vibrantly decorated sticks.  The object is to hit your partners dandiya sticks to the beat of the music and then each person moves down the line to a different partner.

I have to say there is one thing that really spoke to me about the events of Sweety and Evan’s wedding weekend, the way the events really bring family and friends together. I mean other than Sweety or Evan I had never met a single person at this wedding and by the end of the Garba I felt like family. I can only imagine the feelings their family and friends felt.  Before the wedding even began they had already shared so much together that it would be hard not to feel an overwhelming sense of togetherness.  To say a feeling of love was in the air would be a complete understatement.

Please enjoy some of my favorite shots of the Garba Rass.



Couple outside the Vedic center in Greencille,SC.Indian women doing traditional Garba dances at the Vedic Center in Greenville, SC.Brides family with Dandiya sticks.Indian bride with Dandiya sticks.Indian family dancing traditional garba dancing.Bride is lifted up ob the shoulders of guests at the Garba party.Groom is lifted up on the shoulders of guests at Garba.Indian family do traditional garb dance.Bride dancing at Garba party.Bride's cousin dancing at the Garba in Greenville,SC.Bride's sister dancing at the Garba party in Greenville.Indian women dancing.Indian woman in traditional dress dancing.Bride's sister dancing at GArba.Indian man dancing at Garba.Indian woman dancing at Garba at the Vedic Center in Greenville,SC.Indian woman dancing at Garba party in Greenville,SC.Groom with dandiya sticks.Groom's family dancing at the Garba.Bride and family dancing at Garba.Bride's father dancing at the Garba.Bride enjoying her Garba Party.Bride and groom kneeling on the floor at the garb before their wedding.Bridesmaid and family dancing.Father of the bride jumping in the air dancing at the Garba.Bride dancing at Garba.Bridesmaid dancing at the Garba.Woman with dandiya sticks at the Garba.Indian woman sitting down at the Garba.