Couple kissing during their Furman University Engagement session.

Furman University Engagement Session – Kathryn + Devin – Greenville, SC Wedding Photographers

Towards the end of Kathryn and Devin’s  Furman University engagement session we were chatting by the lake when Anne started the sentence ” You know it would be nice if Furman would have a heated..” and before she could even finish Devin said “Campus!” and we all got a big laugh which was pretty much sums up our time with these two. I knew from the first moments of this session that we were going to have fun with these guys. They both have a great sense of humor and were up for having a good time despite the fact that it was freezing cold and windy. Earlier that day it had been rainy and cloudy outside but about an hour or so before sunset when we began shooting the sun came out and gave us amazing light. The kind of light that i talk about often that only seems to happen in the fall. The kind of light that when it hits the trees that are turning shades of yellow and orange that they seem to glow magically. Can you tell that I LOVE this time of year?

We started out around Furman’s Asian garden and walked that side of the campus until we ended up by the Bell Tower and lake at sunset.  I forget sometimes how beautiful the Furman campus really is.

We had a blast shooting with these guys.  Yet another reason i love my job, the fact that i get to meet and hang out with such awesome people. A great session, good conversation, some amazing photos, and two new friends equal a win for us. I can’t wait to see the photos of their wedding in Detroit!  In the meantime please enjoy some of my favorites of their session at Furman.



Man kissing woman on forehead during an engagement session at Furman University.

Couple looking at the camera during their Furman University engagement session.Couple in a field of sunflowers during their Furman University engagement session.Couple at the asian garden at Furman University.Couple on the walking oath at Furman University during an engagement session.Unique photo of a couple during their Furman University engagement session standing in a bamboo hut.Couple hang out at Furman University.Couple near the lake at Furman.Couple sitting across from each other by the lake at Furman.Couple kissing by the lake during their Furman University engagement session.Couple kissing at sunset at Furman.
Couple posing by the lake at Furman.Couple dipping at the lake at Furman during sunset.Sunset engagement photo by the lake at Furman University.