A couple in Falls Park on a beautiful fall afternoon in Greenville,SC.


Falls Park Engagement Session – Emily + David

When we were choosing a date for Emily and David’s Falls Park engagement session we wanted to make sure to get the best color in the leaves of the season and we hit it right on the mark. For those of you that don’t live in Greenville i have to tell you we are truly blessed to have this place right in the heart of our city. There is no place in the south better to shoot an autumn engagement session than right here in Falls Park.

I knew after meeting Emily and David that we would have plenty to talk about. When we first discussed doing an engagement session Emily mentioned the possibility of David bringing his guitar. Guitar you say? Anyone that knows me, knows that i can talk about playing guitar and music all day long. Having played myself since i was 13 years old i can attest to the fact that there is an unspoken bond between fellow musicians that cannot be explained. Needless to say i LOVED the idea of him bringing his guitar (well actually this was her guitar since his is an electric). We always like to encourage our couples to personalize their engagement sessions. That could mean doing the session in the place that he proposed or another place that is special to them, having a change of outfits with a common theme, or bringing along a prop that shows your personality such as a guitar.

We had a blast with these two walking around Falls Park and enjoying some of the best fall color that i can remember seeing in years. Add to the equation some beautiful fall light(seriously i can’t explain it but the sun just looks warmer this time of year giving everything a majestic glow)and the setting was perfect for an amazing engagement session.

Please enjoy some of my favorites from the day.



A couple standing at the top of Falls Park in Greenville,SC during their engagement session.A couple standing in the tall grass at Falls Park.
A man plays guitar for his fiancee in Falls Park in downtown Greenville,SC.A couple with a guitar in Falls Park.Couple kissing on a bridge in downtown Greenville,SC.A couple standing in beautiful fall foliage during their Falls Park engagement session.A couple hugging on the bridge in downtown Greenville during sunset.Silhouette of a couple in Falls Park during their engagement session.Black and White shot of a couple in Falls Park.Couple standing near the Reedy River during a recent engagement session.A man, his fiancee, and a guitar at sunset.

A couple standing in front a wall covered in ivy at Falls Park.A couple standing on the rocks on the Reedy River during their Falls Park engagement session.A bride to be laying her head on the shoulders of her fiancee at Falls Park.