Beautiful sunset during a downtown Greenville,SC engagement session.

Downtown Greenville SC Engagement Session – Lindsey + Jimmy – Greenville SC Wedding Photographer

I love it when couples are excited about their engagement sessions. Nothing makes me happier when a bride to be gets truly involved in the process and really plans for the session. Bringing props, planning outfits, and picking good locations that are personal, all of these things make a huge difference in the outcome of a session. I knew from the first meeting that Lindsey and Jimmy were going to be a fun couple to work with and I was right. Not only were they excited for their session but they were prepared. Lindsey had several props with her and they totally nailed the styling for their downtown Greenville,SC engagement session. Add to that they totally trusted me and were down to try anything(I have been known to ask people to do outside of the box things like “hey why don’t you guys stand in this bush here” or “it would be so cool if you guys laid in this tall grass”) and you have an awesome session.

I met them at Falls Park on a perfect fall afternoon. We started at one of my favorite spots toward the top of the park and made our way down to the stairs stopping along the way to get some shots here and there. We made stops at the infamous roots tree and the wall of ivy on the road that lines the back of the park. After a quick trek through some gorgeous fall leaf covered backdrops, we made our way under the bridge and across the road to behind the Peace Center for what was an amazing sunset. The sky had perfect hints of pink mixed in with deep blue, but just for a minute and we nailed the shot. I must explain, sometimes to get that perfect sunset shot it is a matter of waiting for the perfect balance of color and clouds. But once it hits, it is gone in a quick second. Timing is everything.

After sunset we made our way up to Main street where we took a few twilight shots and then we called it a day. Lindsey and Jimmy were a lot of fun to work with. We truly are blessed with the best couples.  I can’t wait for their 2016 wedding!

Enjoy some of my favs from the day!


Couple walking in Falls park during an engagement session.Epic sky as engaged couple kisses.Engaged couple staring at each other forehead to forehead.Engaged couple walking on a beautiful fall day in downtown Greenville,SC.Engaged couple leaving against a tree.Couple with a fall backdrop during a downtown Greenville engagement session.Couple snuggling in falls park.Cute sign held by an engaged couple kissing.Cute couple standing in front of a wall of ivy.Engagement session in front of the famous roots tree in falls park.Couple kissing on a picnic blanket.Cozy engaged couple wrapped in a blanket.Fall leaves and a couple in a blanket.Backlit shot of a couple on a bridge in Greenville,SC.Soon to be married couple in front of the Wyche pavilion downtown.Epic deep blue sky backdrop as engaged couple dances.Downtown Greenville skyline.Coulpe dipping with the greenville sc skyline in the background.Couple standing on main st downtown.Engaged couple holding a letter.Engaged couple snuggling at twilight in downtown Greenville,SC.