Bride standing in the horseshoe in downtown Columbia,SC.

You could not ask for better locations for shooting a bridal session than the historic area of Columbia where we spent the afternoon with Bailey and her mother. We started off the afternoon at the Robert Mills house, followed by stops at both the Hampton-Preston Mansion, and the Woodrow Wilson family home which served as a home for our 28th President as he was growing up. We were so lucky to have access to these historic locations thanks to the fact that Bailey worked for the Historic Columbia Foundation when she was in college at USC. The architecture of these houses alone is enough to make you get inspired to create, then when you add in a gorgeous day with excellent “not too hot” weather (which is a rarity for downtown Columbia in the summer) add in an amazing bride in an amazing dress and you have a formula for awesome.  We ended the day just a few blocks away at the infamous Horseshoe on the campus of The University of South Carolina. Probably my favorite shot of the day was taken right in front of the Caroliniana library. You really can’t go wrong at the horseshoe. There are so many little areas off the path and not to mention the beautiful landscaping of the main area that provide a ton of great spots for photos. I highly recommend it to any bride in Columbia looking for a location for a bridal or engagement session. (especially any USC grads!) We had such a great a time and have been waiting to share these photos for a few months. Special thanks to the Historical Columbia Foundation and The University of South Carolina for letting us shoot there. We can’t wait to go back! Here are a couple of our favorite shots from the day.


Please enjoy!

Bride holding flowers at The Robert Mills House in Columbia,SC.Bride on steps of the Robert Mills House in Columbia.Bride at the Woodrow Wilson family house in Columbia SC.Bride standing in front of fountain.