Engaged couple kissing in front of Tillman Hall during a Clemson University Engagement Session.

Clemson University Engagement – Brandi + Alex – Greenville SC Wedding Photographer

It’s always fun to do a session on the campus of Clemson University. From a photographer’s standpoint there are a lot of different looking scenic backdrops, and the light is never less than perfect. The sun even sets in the direction that you want it to. I know that last line may sound a little weird but it is something that we face all the time. We might be lining up an awesome shot with mountains in the backdrop but the sun is the opposite direction. Then it becomes a game of light vs. background. Well not in Clemson.

We were looking forward to Brandi and Alex’s session from the moment they booked us for their wedding. These two are so obviously in love. One of the perks of our job is getting to meet and spend time with amazing people like them. They chose Clemson as a location because it is a special place to them. They are both huge Tiger fans and Brandi graduated from Clemson. So that immediately meant her and Anne had a lot to talk about as Anne is a Clemson grad as well. We started off the day in front of Tillman Hall and worked our way down to the outdoor theatre. After spending some time there we walked down to the rotunda in front of the president’s house. Alex actually told us something about that spot that I had never heard. Legend has it that if a couple walks all the way through the rotunda holding hands that they will be together forever. Pretty cool.

After that it was time for an outfit change and off to Death Valley (or Memorial Stadium if you are not familiar with Clemson). We took some really cool shots across from and around the stadium then headed back up to Bowman field for an amazing sunset. Seriously, the image with them in front of Tillman is one of my favorites that I have ever taken on that campus. The sunset was beyond amazing that evening.

We are so looking forward to their wedding in November at the Old Cigar Warehouse! Please enjoy some of my favorites from the evening.


Couple looking into each other eyes during an engagement session on the Clemson University Campus.Couple in front of glowing bushes.Closeup of bride to be during an engagement session on the Clemson University Campus..Engaged couple standin in front of Tillman Hall.Couple at the outdoor theatre in Clemson.Groom to be kisses the brides ring.Engaged couple in from of the amphitheater in Clemson.Engaged couple walking holding hands through the rotunda.Engaged couple standing in the middle of flowers on the Clemson university campusEngaged couple holding their dog on a bench on the Clemson University campus.Engaged couples hands along with their dog's paw showing the ring.Engagement ring and Howard's rock at Clemson.Couple hugging during an engagement session at Clemson University.Couple laying on the grass during an engagement session at Bowman Field in Clemson.Engaged couple sitting on Bowman Field.Engaged couple in front of Death Valley at sunset during a Clemson University engagement session.