Couple in front of a fountain during a Clemson University engagement session.

 Clemson University Engagement – Caitlin and Adam – Greenville,SC Photographers

Sometimes it pays to take a chance on the weather. When we were planning Caitlin and Adam’s Clemson University engagement session it looked as if it was going to rain all day. The forecast was for cloudy and a 50% chance of showers. They were in town for only a couple of days and this was the only day that we both had available. Because of this we had a backup plan (anybody who knows us, knows we are obsessive about having a backup plan) to use the Clemson library as a location. Well long story short we showed up that morning to a beautiful sunny day with gorgeous light and we never saw the inside of the library.

We met in front of the iconic Tillman Hall on campus and began our trek around campus from there. After a few shots behind Tillman we ventured down to the open air Amphitheater.  I can’t tell you how happy I was to see that the construction behind it had reached a point that the cranes were no longer in sight. (Yeah! I don’t have to clone them out in photoshop) From there we made our way behind the amphitheater to the reflection pond. We lucked out and hit the perfect time that the fountains were running which made for some epic shots of Caitlin and Adam!

We made our way back up to Tillman and took some awesome shots of them on the steps and even some low angle shots with the clock tower in the background. To me nothing says Clemson more than this building (don’t get me wrong the Valley is a close second). I love that they chose Clemson as their location. With them both being Clemson grads, having met on campus, and even had their first date on campus, it was perfect. We had a great time with Caitlin and Adam and are looking forward to their big day!

Here are some of my favorites from the day!



Engaged couple on Clemson campus.Couple looking at each other during a CLemson University engagement session.Engaged couple leaning ona wall.Couple gazing in each others eyes on the steps on Clemson University.Engaged couple kissing .Engaged Clemson University grads walking on campus.Couple sitting on a bench in Clemson,SC.Epic Clemson University engagement photo facing the amphitheatre.Man lifting his fiancee at the Clemson Amphitheater.Couple walking hand in hand.Future bride and groom sharing a laugh.Engaged couple in front of teh fountains at the Clemson reflection pond.Man dipping his future bride in front of teh fountains.Closeup shot of wedding ring on bride's hand.Engaged couple in beautiful light.Couple kissing during their engagement session.Engaged couple in front of Tillman hall.Couple holding hands on the steps of Tillman Hall.Couple in the archway of Tillman Hall during thier engagement session on the Clemson University campus.