Over the years we have been asked quite a few questions when it comes to weddings. Here are 10 that we get asked alot and that we recommend that everyone should ask when interviewing a photographer.

1.      Who, exactly, will be the photographer at my wedding?

Seems like a stupid question when you are sitting in the consultation meeting with THE photographer, but many studios employ several photographers and who you meet with may not be the person who comes to your wedding. Maybe that’s OK with you, but know upfront who to expect standing behind the camera at your ceremony.

Our answer: You’ll meet with us (John and Anne Cureton) and that’s who will be shooting your wedding.

2.      Will there be one or two photographers at my photo sessions and wedding?

Two person teams are becoming popular because unlike many photographic opportunities where photographers can take a do over, weddings offer photographers only one chance to capture important moments.

Our answer: We offer two photographers at weddings. You’ll only have one first kiss, one first dance as a married couple and you want those captured. Two photographer teams make sure nothing is missed during your ceremony and reception.


3.      Do you have backup equipment?

The answer should always be yes. Yes to extra camera bodies, lenses, batteries, flashes, cards, etc. While equipment failure is rare, you still want to know your photographer is prepared for whatever happens.

Our answer:Â We have backups for everything. We generally bring everything but the kitchen sink to a shoot.

4.      How do you backup photos after the wedding?

This answer can vary, but you want to make sure there is a plan in place. Computers crash … and you wouldn’t want your wedding photos to be on that computer. Most photographers backup their cards immediately and usually throughout a wedding. They use external hard drives, servers and burn cds. Make sure they also keep backups of your photos at an offsite location.

Our answer: We backup to external hard drives and several cds that are kept in your file and taken to a safe off-site location.

5.      Price?

The last time I went to buy a TV, I found a great deal. But by the time I bought all the extras (wall mount, hookup cables, warranty) the price skyrocketed. Avoid this with your photos. Get a guaranteed price and price list for any extras you may want.

Our answer: You’ll sign a contract with your price clearly stated. We also offer an a la carte menu option with prices clearly stated.

6.      Who do the photos belong to?

You paid for them, so they’re yours right? Sorry, but no. When you purchase a book, you can’t reproduce the work. Same goes with photography. Different photographers do things differently. Some retain their rights to the photos but offer you a cd with them and a reproduction release so you can print and use them how you want. Others require you to purchase the prints, albums and other products from them only.

Our answer: Our packages include a cd with a reproduction release.

7.      Time? Does your photographer have a set time limit for your wedding?

I’ve been to weddings before where they had to fake their leaving processional because the photographer’s time was up. So know upfront whether your photographer plans to be there a certain amount of hours.  Also, find out whether they are shooting more than one wedding that day.

Our answer: We start when you start and end when you end. Most weddings last 4-6 hours. You’ll want the photographer there at least an hour before the ceremony (maybe even more if you plan to take some of the group shots early) and you’ll want them there throughout the reception.

8.      Are they flexible and open to suggestions?

You may have photo ideas in mind. Maybe you want to copy a pose from a wedding photograph of your grandmother. Is the photographer open to your suggestions and happy to work with you?

Our answer: Yes, definitely. Some of the best photos are suggestions from the bride and groom … because only you know exactly what you want. So convey that to us. We’ll listen.

9.      How many photographs will you take?

Back in the days of film, many photographers set a certain limit on the number of photos they’d offer. Digital has changed all that. This answer is always is a little hard for a photographer.

Our answer: As many as necessary to tell your story. But to ballpark it, most wedding have at least 300-500 edited photos. We may shoot thousands to get that perfect 300-500 (or more.)

10.  Can you see a gallery from an entire wedding they have shot?

This can give you the best idea of what to expect from a photographer.

Our answer: Most definitely.