Engagement session finale with a beautiful winter sunset outside of falls park in downtown Greenville,SC.

Winter Falls Park Engagement – Priscilla + Reeve – Greenville,SC

If I hadn’t of seen it myself I wouldn’t have believed that merely hours before we shot Priscilla and Reeve’s winter Falls Park engagement session it was snowing in Greenville,SC. Lucky for us it warmed up enough to melt away any trace of the powdered goodness hours before our session. There was a crisp chill in the air that we welcome for engagement sessions this time of year. It is perfect weather for strolling downtown with lots of stops for moments of cuddling for photos. I’ll take 45 degrees any day over 95 degrees, but i digress.

We met Priscilla and Reeve at the top of Falls Park in downtown Greenville,SC right outside Spill the Beans (which I highly recommend if anyone is looking for a good cup of joe in downtown). As we began our stroll through the park it was evident that these two were perfect for each other. I know I say it all the time but one of the best parts of our job as wedding photographers is not only being around couples madly in love but getting to know them as well. That is one of the reasons that I think all couples getting married should do a engagement session with the photographer that will be shooting their wedding. It allows us to build that relationship to where they forget the camera is even there, and that is when the real true emotions show in photos.

After a stroll down into the park we walked down by the small bridge at the back of the park and then stopped for a moment on the stage for a few epic shots with some amazing sky. We had some great clouds that day! We also made it to the road in front of the Governor’s school by “the tree”. No e-session is complete without a shot with the amazing roots tree. I would love to know how old that tree really is. After our stroll though the park we ended the evening up on one of the bridges on Main St. where we were able to catch some amazing shots as the sun went down in the sky.

I had a feeling from the moment that I met Priscilla and Reeve that they would be fun to work with and I was right. We had such a great time hanging out with them and can’t wait for their upcoming wedding. Please enjoy some of my favorites from their session.


Couple cuddling during a winter falls park engagement session in Greenville,SC. Couple kissing on a bridge during a winter falls park engagement session in Greenville,SC. Couple standing on a bridge in falls park. Engaged couple kissing behind a wedding sign. Movie like kiss shot of a couple in falls park. Engaged couple under a beautiful sky. Fture bride and groom kissing in falls park in downtown Greenville,SC. Man and woman forehead to forehead during an engagement session. Teh infamous roots tree in falls park in downtown Greenville,SC. Couple snuggling during an engagement session. Couple leaning ona tree suring an engagement session infall spark. Engaged couple holding their initials sign Engaged couple walking on Liberty Bridge. Engaged couple walking in downtown Greenville,SC.