Bride and groom standing under an umbrella in the pouring rain.

Rain Wedding Photo Ideas -What if it rains on my wedding day?

Even though it has been said for years that rain on your wedding day is good luck I can honestly say that no bride would wish for it on her big day. I’m not completely convinced that the saying was created just to calm brides that end up getting wet weather on their wedding day. This last year alone we captured several rainy day weddings due to an unusually wet season. We even saw brides scrambling to move venues at the last minute because of hurricane like conditions. That being said, rain does not mean that the show can’t go on. In fact there are several amazing photos that simply can’t be captured unless it is raining. Here are a few tips, stories, and rain wedding photo ideas that can help you out and maybe even make you wish FOR rain, because it is good luck you know 😉

1. Some of the most epic sky colors for photos come after or during rain storms.

A seen in the photo below, the sky can turn some amazing colors after or during a storm. In that particular instance the storm had just let up slightly around the sunset hour and the sky turned this amazing shade of red. Luckily we were in a covered outdoor pavilion that shielded them from getting wet as this was taken. The sky only stayed this way for a couple of minutes and it was gone so be ready.  As with sunset photos you have only a short amount of time to capture “the shot”.

Married couple kissing under the red sky after a pouring rain.


Bride and groom standing in the rain.

2. Make sure that your photographer is ok with getting wet.

Personally I will do just about anything to get the shot including getting soaked in the rain. Our camera bodies and lenses are designed to withstand the elements (to a certain degree). Some of the shots in this gallery there would be know other way to get them other that for me to get wet. (Unless maybe I had a robot which I don’t ….yet)  Either way be sure to discuss inclement weather with your photographer before hiring just to be sure their procedures, and what they will and won’t do.

Amazing shot of bride and groom at Glassy Chapel during a rain storm by Greenville SC Wedding Photogrpahers Cureton Photography. Bride holding umbrella entering the wedding venue.

3. Invest in one or several good large white umbrellas. (and maybe a clear one too)

Umbrellas not only protect you from getting wet (I know you are thinking yeah I know Captain Obvious) but also catch and reflect light. If you get the ones that are translucent they light up when they are hit with off camera flash and it makes for an amazing photo. When buying some it’s not a bad idea to make sure everybody in the wedding party has one. I have found the best place to get them is on Amazon.com.

Newlywed couple dancing in the rain. Couple kissing under an umbrella during a rain wedding. Couple after thier rain wedding under an umbrella. Couple in the rain after their Glassy Chapel wedding. Couple in the rain on the deck of the Old Cigar Warehouse during a wedding reception.

4. White plastic tablecloths are your friend.

It can be a task trying to make sure that the dress does not get dirty when taking rain wedding photos. Our advice is first, have a bridesmaid walk with you and help carry the dress. The less contact it has with the ground the better. When you do find the spot to stop and take pictures take a white plastic tablecloth (they can be found cheap at a local dollar store) and place on the ground to lay the bottom of the dress on. When placed right you can’t even notice it was there.

The reedy river rages during a rain wedding. Couple stays dry by taking after wedding photos inside during a Glassy Chapel rain wedding.

5. Trust your photographer

If you have done your homework and hired a qualified professional to shoot your wedding than chances are they have been in a similar situation before with inclement weather. They will know the best ways to get the shot you are looking for without getting you or the dress dirty. Plus I know for us when we get thrown into a situation that is not the norm it makes our creativity run wild.

In closing with a little planning and the right team in place, rain on your wedding day can actually be fun. And hey its good luck right?

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