Erika and George’s Revel Event Center Wedding was a blast from start to finish. The ceremony was absolutely gorgeous. Perfectly styled elegantly and heartfelt.  And their reception has to rank in the top of all time parties list. Seriously, so much dancing and it was evident all the guests were there to have a good time to celebrate the couple. You could feel how much love there was in the room. Even a little bit of rain didn’t slow the day down. As a matter of fact the weather actually held off long enough for us to get some great shots outside after the wedding and even broke in the middle of the reception long enough for us to get some great evening shots of the happy couple.  It was truly a pleasure working with these two and getting to know them.  S0 glad we got to be part of this awesome day!

Please enjoy some of my favorite shots!

Wedding Venue : Revel Event Center
Wedding Photographers : Cureton Photography
Day of Coordination : Luminary Event Co.
Dj : DJ Craz-E Crane
Catering : Good Life Catering
Cake : Couture Cakes of Greenville
Floral : Twigs
Wedding Dress : The Castle Anderson

Groom dipping the bride in front of the Stone Pin Bowling sign their Revel Event Center wedding in Greenville,SC.

We had a moment in the evening where the rain broke and we got to get this awesome evening shot of the bride and groom out in front of Revel!

Groom kissing the bride on the forehead after their Revel Event Center wedding .

Such a sweet moment between these two!

Bride and groom laughing with their family. Bride and groom walking down Stone Avenue in Greenville,SC. Bride's dress. Bride's dress hanging on the alter. Wedding flowers. Converse Chuck Taylor bride's shoes. Bride's jewelry on a whiskey barrel. Wedding details. Bride putting on her Chuck Taylor Converse shoes.

Love Erika’s choice of shoes! I’ve always been a fan of Converse Chucks myself!

Bride standing in window light. Bride's mom helping her into the dress. Bride's mother helping her button the dress. Bridesmaids in front of Revel. Bride's holding flowers over their faces. Bride and her bridesmaids having fun before the ceremony at Revel. Bridesmaids laughing before the wedding at Revel Event Center in Greenville.

These girls looked amazing!

Flower girl smiling with the bridesmaids at the wedding at Revel Event Center in Greenville.

Favorite. Flower Girl. Photo. Ever.

Bridesmaids drinking a beer at the bar at Revel Event Center. Groomsmen in the whiskey bar at Revel Event Center.

The Whiskey bar at Revel was the perfect spot for some shots (no pun intended) with the groomsmen!

Groom and the groomsmen outside at Revel. Groomsmen in the balcony at Revel. Bride getting ready to walk down the aisle. Bride walking down the aisle with her dad. Groom smiling as he sees his bride for the first time.

My favorite part of the ceremony is always seeing the look on the grooms face when the bride is walking down the aisle. George has the face of one happy man!

Bride walking down the aisle with her dad crying. Bride hugging her father. Groom smiling during the ceremony. Flower girl holding a sign. First kiss at the ceremony at Revel Event Center. Bride and groom walking back up the aisle. Wedding party hugging after the Revel Event Center Wedding. Bride and groom standing outside Revel Event Center. Bride and groom eskimo kissing. Bride smiling with her groom Bride smiling at the camera while her groom hugs her at Revel.

These two could be models!

Bride and Groom outside of Revel Event Center after their wedding. Bride and groom standing underneath a giant letter R. Bride smiling at her husband during their first dance. Groom smiling during the first dance. Bride singing to her groom. Groom smiling during the dance. Bride dancing with her father. Bride and her father sharing a dance. Bride hugging her dad. Groom dancing with his mother at the wedding reception. Wedding cake by Couture Cakes.

Another tasty and beautiful creation from Couture Cakes of Greenville!

Guests dancing at Revel Event Center during the wedding reception. Bride taking a selfie with her wedding guests during the reception.

But first…let me take a selfie!

DJ Craz-e Crane.

DJ Craz-E Crane kept the dance floor packed all night long. This guy has a style that is truly unique. Check him out!

Bride tossing her bouquet. Groom getting iced during the garter removal.

What is that with the garter…you just got iced!

Groom tossing the garter. Bride dancing during the wedding reception. Guests dancing during the reception at Revel. Guests dancing during the reception at Revel. Guests dancing during the reception at Revel. Guests dancing during the reception at Revel. The guest posing for a group photo. Wedding rings.

Now that is one pretty ring!

Groom and bride newly married in front of Revel Event Center.

We had such a great time with these two!

Wedding at Revel Event Center | Greenville,SC