There are so many things that I love about my job. I love the places it takes us, some of which we may never have seen. I love the celebrations that we get to witness. I love being able to be creative for a living and create art. Most of all I love the friendships it has brought us. When I met Sila and Dan I immediately knew that they would be way more than clients to us. (For the record I hate the word clients to describe our couples because they all are so much more to us but I digress. ) We sat and talked an immediately clicked on several levels. So needless to say I was beyond excited for their Falls Park wedding and the Larkin’s reception. And I was right.

From the moment we walked in to meet the guys getting ready I knew it was going to be a good day when I saw a leg lamp (yes the one from the Christmas Story) sitting on the mantle. We had count them 5 different locations for this wedding day and each one of them was epic in its own way. From amazing light at the Westin Poinsett for bridal prep, to an awesome first look at The Rock Quarry Garden, to the perfect ceremony in the heart of Greenville’s Falls Park, ending the night with a blowout party at Larkin’s Cabaret Room, this wedding had it all and more. My favorite moment of the day had to be Dan’s speech at the reception. I can honestly say it was one of the most heartfelt things I have ever heard at a wedding.

Such an amazing day that my words can’t do it justice. Please enjoy some of my favorite photos below


Bride Getting Ready Location – Westin Poinsett
First Look Location – Rock Quarry Garden
Wedding Ceremony Location – Falls Park on The Reedy
Wedding Reception Location – Shirley Roe Cabaret Room at Larkin’s
Wedding Photographers – Cureton Photography
Videography – Brandon Rice FIlms
Officiant – Danielle Baker
DJ – Pros Only Entertainment
Hair & Makeup – My Beauty Lounge
Dress – Poinsett Bride

Bride and groom dancing outside of Larkin's on the River during their wedding reception. Bride and groom snuggling after a first look at the Rock Quarry Garden.. Groom kissing his bride on the forehead in the forest after their wedding ceremony at Falls Park on the Reedy in downtown Greenville,SC. Bride smiling at her groom. Bride and groom kissing at sunset outside of Larkin's on the River before their wedding reception. Bride and Groom standing in the waterfall at Falls Park on the Reedy after their wedding ceremony in downtown Greenville,SC. Bride and groom in front of the water wall in downtown Greenville. Groom looking out the window getting ready. Groom putting on his suit before the wedding. Groom adjusting his sleeves. Groom and groomsmen looking at a leg lamp from A Christmas Story. Bridal dress. Detail on the bride's dress. Bride's hangar. Bride's shoes. Bride's shoes by Badgley Mischka. Bride and bridesmaids in their robes on the bed. Bride's mother helping her with the dress. Bride and her mom have a moment before the wedding at The Westin Poinsett Hotel. Bride and her mom hugging. Bride putting on jewelry. Bride's mother. Bride putting on her earrings. Bride standing in the window light. Bride gazing out the window before her wedding. Bride sneaking up on her groom for the first look. Bride and groom first look at the Rock Quarry Garden. Groom hugging his bride at the first look. Groom hugging his bride in the park. Groom wipes a tear from his bride's eye. Bride and groom standing forehead to forehead. Bride and groom smiling at each other after their first look. Bride and bridesmaids having fun in the Rock Quarry Garden. Bride and groom looking at her bouquet. Groom and the flower girl. Groomsmen having fun at the Rock Quarry Garden. Bride and the flower girl. Bride and the flower girl sitting on the ground. Groomsmen fighting. Bride in the park. Bride and groom at the Rock Quarry Garden. Groom making his bride laugh. The floral arbor for their wedding at Falls Park. Wedding guests. Groom and his mother at the ceremony. Bride walking down the aisle. Bride making her way down the aisle. Groom looking at his bride during the wedding ceremony. Bride smiling during the wedding ceremony. Groom smiling at his bride. Greenville SC Wedding Officiant Danielle Baker. Groom dips his bride during the ceremony. Bride and groom walking back down the aisle. Groom lifting his bride. Married couple hugging after their wedding at Falls Park. Bride and groom standing by the Reedy River. Bride and groom leaning over a bridge in Falls Park. Couple sitting on a bench in the park after their wedding ceremony. Bride and groom standing in the falls. Groom and bride having a first dance at their wedding reception. Bride smiling at her groom during their first dance at their Larkin's wedding reception. Groom smiling during the first dance. Groom dancing. Groom lifting his bride Dirty Dancing style during their first dance at the wedding reception in Greenville. Bride and groom reenact the Dirty Dancing lift during their first dance. Wedding Party dancing. Bride and her friends laughing at the reception. Groom dancing with his mother. Groom dancing with his mom at the reception. Groom and mom dancing. Wedding Party drinking out of Das Boot. Groom giving a speech at his wedding. Groom welcoming the wedding guests. Bride smiling while her groom gives a speech. Groom giving a speech. Bride and groom hugging after his speech. Bride dancing at the reception. Bridesmaids dancing. Wedding guests dancing as Ray from Pros Only DJ entertains the crowd. Wedding guests dancing as Ray from Pros Only DJ entertains the crowd. Wedding guests dancing as Ray from Pros Only DJ entertains the crowd. Wedding guests dancing . Groomsmen pass around the boot full of beer. Dancing at the reception. Wedding guests line dancing. The bride doing the cha cha slide. Wedding guest dancing. Groomsmen dancing. Groom dancing at the reception. Groom dancing. Groom on the floor dancing. Groomsmen hugging the groom. Closeup of the wedding rings. Silhouette of the bide and groom. Bride and groom dancing in the park outside Larkin's on the river at the end of their reception. Groom lifting his bride in the park outside Larkin's on the river at the end of their reception.

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