Wedding Details – Greenville,SC Wedding Photography

Its been said many times that the story is told in the details. With your wedding this is defintely true. Think about how much effort went into picking out the perfect engagement ring. How much time did you spend making sure that the flower arrangements were immaculate. What about the time invested in choosing the perfect color shade of the bridemaids’ dresses, or the perfect shade of said color for the groomsmen’s ties? Exactly. We know that you have a vision for your wedding and that story should be told.

We do more than simply take pictures of the details of your wedding. When time permits we try to shoot them in the most optimum setting available styling them to make sure that your wedding photos look like everything you ever dreamed they would. If this means finding the perfect window and the perfect light to photograph your dress in then we will find it. The finished product ends up being magazine quality photos of your wedding details. Some of our brides’ weddings have even been featured in magazines because of this!