Erika’s Revel Event Center Bridal Session was one that I have been waiting on. I loved working with her and George for their engagement session and I have really been wanting to shoot something in this venue. I shot the first promo shots of Revel when they first remodeled the place but this was the first time I would get to work with a bride or groom here. Shooting at a place that is new to us always excites me. Its a blank canvas with no preconceived notion of outcome. A “let’s get creative and dare to be great ” moment. Plus me and this place have history. Some of the best nights of my life, well former life as a working musician were spent here when it was the best concert venue the Upstate has ever seen, The Handlebar. Seriously this place was legendary. As I was walking out the door for the session It felt weird to grab a camera and not grab Frosty (my trusty Les Paul guitar) but I digress.

The session did not disappoint.  The light in here is amazing. Huge windows with glowing natural light that has a distinct mood to it. And don’t even get me started about my bride. Erika absolutely rocked it!  It has been hard not to share these before the wedding, but since that was last weekend (awesome pics of that to come as well!) here we go!

Please enjoy!


Bridal Session Location – Revel Event Center
Bridal Photographers – Cureton Photography

Bride holding her veil out while backlit in the main hall at Revel Event Center for her bridal session.

Love the light in the main hall at Revel!

Bride holding her bouquet in the whiskey bar during a bridal session at Revel Event Center in Greenville,SC. Bride sitting on the bar at Revel Event Center during her bridal session. Bride in the whiskey bar during her bridal session at Revel Event Center in Greenville,SC. High fashion bride in black and white. Bride looking at her flowers. Bride on the stage at Revel.

Isn’t Erika stunning in her dress!

Bride opening doors at Revel. Bride standing in front of a wooden door. Bride outside Revel near a cool woodworked wall. Bride laughing while fixing her hair during a bridal session in Greenville,SC.

Love this shot!

Bride standing in the window. Bride holding her bouquet down while standing in perfect window light. Bride in the window at Revel Event Center.

I love her expression in this shot! She looks like a model!

Bride standing in the bar at Revel.

With its huge window and intricate woodwork, the bar at Revel is perfect for a bridal session!

Bride in front of some whiskey barrels in the bar during a bridal session in Revel. Bride standing in the bar at Revel. Beautiful all bride standing in a rustic bar during a bridal session. Bride holding her bouquet in beautiful light. Bride holding her veil looking like an angel during her Revel Event Center bridal session in Greenville,SC.

Bridal Session at Revel Event Center | Greenville SC Wedding Photography