To say Katlyn’s Greenville Rock Quarry Bridal session was a great time would be an understatement. She is one of those girls that when she smiles it really does translate to her eyes giving her this great connection to the camera. As Tyra Banks says she “smizes”. (Yeah don’t judge, I am a guy that like to watch Top Model. ) Needless to say that makes it a lot of fun for us.  She was a blast to work with all day. From the moment we began it was magic. We started at the front of the Rock Quarry Garden and made our way around the immaculately landscaped location. I really don’t know what they do to maintain that garden but it is always green and vibrant. It truly is one of the best locations for bridal portraits in Greenville,SC.

We had a blast with Katlyn and it has been hard to wait to share these photos. She was a total rockstar, it it shows in the photos. Stay tuned for their amazing wedding day images, (coming later this week!) but until then please enjoy her amazing bridal portraits!


Bridal session location in Greenville : Rock Quarry Garden
Bridal Portrait Photography : Cureton Photography
Hair and Makeup : Cotton Rouge and Co.

Bride with long veil wrapped around her during her bridal session at the Greenville Rock Quarry Garden.

See what I mean about “smizing”!  I LOVE this shot! Totally magazine cover worthy!

Bride laughing during her bridal session at the Greenville Rock Quarry Garden.

Light and airy bridal portrait in the rock quarry garden in Greenville. Bride holding her veil on the stone bridge at the rock quarry in Greenville.

What a stunning dress! And that veil made for a lot of fun here and on her wedding day!

Bride looking at her flowers during her bridal session at the rock quarry garden. Bride looking back at the rock quarry garden. Bride holding her flowers behind her back. Bride looking over her flowers. Bride looking at her bouquet. Bride with her veil blowing in the wind.

One of my favorites things about a bridal session when some glowing golden hour sunlight catches the veil just right.

Bride holding her bouquet out.

Love her bouquet. It fit the vibe perfectly!

Bride smiling at the camera. Bride standing on the stone bridge over the Reedy River at the Rock Quarry Garden in downtown Greenville. Bride on the stone bridge during her bridal portrait session in downtown Greenville. Bride smelling her flowers during her bridal session. Bride holding her veil out in the wind at her bridal session.

I love everything about this photo from the veil to the dress, to her expression. Pure magic!

Bridal Session at The Rock Quarry Garden in Greenville SC | Wedding Photographer in Greenville SC