I had an amazing time at Whitney’s bridal session at Edinburgh West Wedding Venue in Taylors, SC.  Not only was she one of the most laid back bride’s I have ever worked with, but she was there to have a good time and was down for getting creative. I can’t even begin to explain how awesome it is for us when our brides want something a little different. When they really allow us to really get creative. I feel the sessions take on a life of their own when that happens and magic is made. That was definitely the case for this one.

When we arrived at Edinburgh West I quickly surveyed the property and explored a bit and was blown away by the possibilities. They really outdid themselves with this venue and it is truly a photographer’s playground. I tend to gravitate towards locations that offer multiple looks without too much travel in between and Edinburgh West delivers and goes above and beyond. From tall grass meadows, to beautiful iron gates, to the impressive glass English conservatory, we took advantage of all these spots.

Working with Whitney was as fun as I knew it would be from the first time we met. So glad to finally be able to share these photos!
Please enjoy my favs from the session!

Location – Edinburgh West
Bridal Photographer – Cureton Photography

Bride standing underneath a chandelier inside the English conservatory at Edinburgh West, a wedding venue in Taylors,SC.

Whitney’s long veil made for a lot of fun!

Bride holding the gates at Edinburgh West before her wedding in Taylors ,SC.

The gates at Edinburgh West are impressive. Even better when we got another beautiful South Carolina sunset!

Bride standing in front of the gate at sunset at Edinburgh West before her wedding. Bride smiling during her bridal session. Backlit photo of a bride underneath the glass ceiling at Edinburgh West. Bride in a field at Edinburgh West before her wedding. Bride smelling her bouquet near a wall at Edinburgh West. Bride holding her flowers at Edinburgh West during her bridal session. Bride in a field during golden hour at Edinburgh West.

Isn’t her dress gorgeous?

Bride standing in a field looking at her flowers. Bride smiling in a field near a wall at Edinburgh West. Bride walking in a field in Taylors,SC. Bride underneath an archway in the woods at Edinburgh West. Bride holding her bouquet at Edinburgh West Wedding Venue in Taylors,SC. Bride in an overgrown meadow.

Love this shot of her holding her flowers in one of the overgrown meadows. There were so many hidden gems like this on the property. I can’t wait to get back to Edinburgh West to explore some more!

Bride with her hands in the air cheering. Bride inside the conservatory at Edinburgh West wedding venue in Taylors,SC. Bride holding on to an iron gate. Bride in front of tall iron gates. Bride sitting on a tree swing.

Bridal at Edinburgh West Wedding Venue in Taylors,SC