One of my favorite thing about this job is the way that it constantly challenges me. Every lighting situation or weather condition is unique and the crazier it gets the more I love it because it truly pushes the boundaries of creativity. To put it simply if you want to take epic and different photos put yourself in an epic and different location or situation.  For Carly and Taylor’s Bald Rock Engagement Session we definitely had epic conditions. Anne and I arrived a bit early as we always try to do to scout out some of the best spots and see what the light is doing. When we pulled up the entire Bald Rock was covered in fog! I mean maybe 5 feet of visibility. Now for those who haven’t been up there before, on a clear day you can see mountains and valleys for miles. It is truly one of the most scenic photo locations in South Carolina. But when we arrived…..a complete white out.

After checking the weather I noticed that it looked to be warming up a bit with some winds meaning that if we waited it out it had a good chance of clearing, and it did! But not before we got to have some fun in the fog with these two (who did absolutely amazing by the way) It really could not have worked out any better! We strolled around the rock stopping at a few spots for some fun photos and then made our way into the forest for some fun shots. After a quick outfit change we made our way back to the ridge just as the fog began to lift for some epic shots!

We had a blast with these two! They were so much fun and I can’t thank them enough for being so cool. I can’t wait for their wedding next year at South Wind Ranch!

Engagement Session Location – Bald Rock
Engagement Photographers – Cureton Photography

Engaged couple hugging on top of Bald Rock. Future bride and groom dancing in the fog during an engagement session at Bald Rock. Engaged couple leaning into each other during an engagement session at Bald Rock. Engaged couple walking hand on top of Bald Rock. Man lifting his future bride as the fog lifts from the mountaintop during an engagement session at Bald Rock. Engage couple kissing on top of a mountain during an engagement session at Bald Rock. Ban and his fiancee at Bald Rock. Engaged couple dancing. Engaged couple eskimo kissing in the forest. Engaged couple nose to nose in the foest during an engagement session at Bald Rock. Engaged couple smiling. Engaged couple laughing together. Man making his fiancee laugh. Engaged couple walking as they hold hands at Bald Rock. Woman kissing her fiancee on the cheek. Couple walking hand in hand at Bald Rock. Couple on teh ledge of a mountain during an engagement session at Bald Rock. Enagaged couple looking out into the Jones Gap valley. Backlit photo of an engaged couple in the fog.

Bald Rock Engagement Session in the Fog – Carly + Taylor – Greenville County ,SC