I had an amazing time with Courtney and Chaz for their Autumn Falls Park Engagement Session. This time of year is one of my favorite times in the park. There is this nice chill in the air, you can see signs of the approaching holidays, and the light, let me tell you about the light. For some reason that late fall golden hour light just has a mojo to it. I can’t explain it but it just looks different…in an awesome way (as seen especially in the first photo below), but i digress. These two were a lot of fun.

We met up outside of Spill the Beans at the top of the park and made our journey down and around stopping when we saw the perfect spots or perfect light. I could tell right away that these two were going to make my job easy. There were times where they just in the prefect spot/light/pose naturally without me even having to say anything. I love it when it happens like that because you truly get the real emotions.  Sometimes it takes until the end of the session to get that but with these two it was that way from the very beginning. We strolled though the park up until it was almost time for sunset when we made our way to the lIberty Bridge form some fun sunset shots.

I can’t wait to celebrate with these two this Spring. I know their wedding is going to be epic!  Please enjoy some of my favs from this awesome Autumn Falls Park Engagement Session!

Engagement Session location – Falls Park on the Reedy
Engagement Photographers – Cureton Photography

Engaged couple standing nose to nose. Silhouette of an engaged couple kissing in the park. Man holding his fiancee in the middle of the Reedy River Falls during an engagement session at Falls PArk in Greenville,SC. Woman leading her fiancee across a bridge in Falls Park in downtown Greenville.

I love everything about this shot. I mean look at the awesome fall color in the trees in the background, and the way these two are looking at each other!

Engaged couple kissing on Liberty Bridge in Falls Park in downtown Greenville,SC.

There is no place like Liberty Bridge in Falls Park on the reedy to view sunset! Don’t these two look amazing!

Man kissing his fiancee on the forehead. Future bride smiling as her fiancee kisses her on the forehead. Engaged couple dancing on a rock by the river in Falls Park on the Reedy. Engaged couple in Falls Park. Man dipping his fiancee on the bridge in Falls Park. Engaged couple at the top of the steps in Falls Park on the Reedy at sunset. Engaged man and woman. Engaged couple standing in some tall grass. Future bride and groom standing in some tall grass at Falls Park. Engaged couple sitting on some steps. Man kissing his fiancee on a rock by the Reedy River. Engaged couple snuggling in the park. Engagement ring. Man kissing his fiancee in the forest. Woman laughing as her fiancee whispers in her ear. Man and her fiancee walking in the park. Couple kissing in Falls Park. Man and woman standing on a rock in the middle of the Reedy River during a Falls Park engagement in downtown Greenville,SC. Engaged couple standing in the river. Engaged couple standing on some rocks in the Reedy River. Engaged couple having fun in the park. Engaged couple posing on the bridge in Falls Park.

Autumn Falls Park Engagement Session – Courtney + Chaz