From the moment I laid eyes on MacKenzie and Jake when we arrived for their engagement session behind the Peace Center in downtown Greenville,SC I knew this would be an awesome session. They really came prepared. We had props, a change of clothes, rose petals (which were an absolute blast to throw and work with by the way), and they looked amazing. I mean you look up the phrase “dressed to the nines” in the dictionary it should show their picture. And I have to give Jake props because he was in a full suit and you would never know it by the way these two are snugging in the photos but it was warm. Like upper 80’s warm. And he didn’t. Complain. Once. And I can’t not give MacKenzie her props as well. She looked like a total model in every shot and had some amazing ideas for their session. And that dress….wow. These two really were a lot of fun. I can’t say enough how blessed we are to have them as one of our couples for 2018. ¬†We are so looking forward to their upcoming wedding!

Enjoy some of my favorites from this amazing session!


Engagement Session Location : Beautiful Downtown Greenville SC

Well dressed couple snuggling during their engagement session behind the Peace Center in downtown Greenville SC.

Favorite. Shot. Of. The Session. This will be going in my office on a HUGE canvas!

Engaged couple looking at each other at the Wyche Pavilion in Greenville,SC. Future groom kissing his future bride on the forehead. Bride and groom dancing outside the Wyche Pavilion during their downtown Greenville engagement session.

If you are wondering how I got the crazy light reflections in the shot above let’s just say Champagne flutes can be used for more than drinking bubbly.

Engaged couple walking in the park downtown. Nicely dressed couple standing on the wall behind the Peace Center in downtown Greenville. Engaged couple staring into the distance with a deep blue sky behind them. Engaged couple walking in downtown Greenville,SC. Groom kissing his future bride on the forehead. Groom lifting his fiancee into the air. Silhouette of an engaged couple during golden hour. Engaged couple enjoying some champagne in the park. Engaged couple kissing in the window of the Wyche Pavilion behind Larkin's on the River. Future bride and groom at sunset in downtown Greenville. Engaged couple kissing at sunset. Engaged couple at sunset.

We had an awesome South Carolina sunset for their session. A great grand finale to an amazing engagement session!

Engaged couple enjoying a downtown Greenville sunset. Save the Date photo with Coca-Cola bottles.

Love the Save the Date idea! Plus it incorporates favors from their wedding day. And it happens to be two of my favs Krispy Kreme and Coca Cola!

Closeup of the ring. Engagement photo of a couple dancing with the downtown Greenville skyline in the background. Engaged couple on the bride behind the Peace Center.


Elegant Greenville,SC Engagement Session | Luxury Wedding Photography