Bride and Groom on the rooftop of the Westin Poinsett after their wedding in Greenville,SC.

Westin Poinsett Rooftop After Wedding Session – Tisha + Tony

Sometimes things are just meant to be. We first talked with Tisha when they were planning their Westin Poinsett wedding over a year ago. Unfortunately, we were already booked for their date last October. The one unfortunate thing about us only shooting one wedding per date is that when we are booked, we are booked. I hate having that conversation with a bride especially when it is one that we really clicked with like Tisha. But as this session proves, that doesn’t mean that we wont get the chance to work together.

If anyone remembers last October they will remember one thing…rain, and lots of it. It poured on Tisha and Tony’s wedding day so they weren’t able to get some of the iconic shots that they wanted, so they contacted us about doing an after wedding session. Because of the inclement weather on their day the staff at the Westin was gracious enough to let us shoot in the hotel and on the rooftop as if it was their wedding day. (The rooftop is only available to brides getting married at the Westin.)

We started our day in the glass hallway on the bottom floor of the hotel. This is a great spot if you like to play with reflections. After some time there we headed out by the fountain and were joined by their son outside. He is probably one of the most photogenic kids we have ever worked with. Once we spent some time around the Westin and after a quick outfit change we strolled down the streets of downtown Greenville for some candids and a few shots in the park. As sunset approached we made our way back to the hotel to finish the evening on the rooftop. I have said it before and I will say it again, as far as my favorite places to shoot sunset, it doesn’t get much better than on the rooftop of the Westin Poinsett. That place just has a certain mojo to it.

We had such a great time with Tisha and Tony! Here are some of my favorite shots from the day!


Bride and Groom on the rooftop of the Westin Poinsett at sunset after their wedding in Greenville,SC. Bride and groom in the elevator at the Westin Poinsett hotel. Married couple kissing by the fountain at the Westin in downtown Greenville,SC. Bride's son sees her in the dress. Bride and groom with their young son in downtown Greenville,SC. Bride and groom with their young son in downtown Greenville,SC. Bride and groom with their young son in downtown Greenville,SC at the Westin. Bride, groom, and son, near a gate in Greenville. Epic wedding portrait of bride and groom with an iron gate. Groom lifting his bride. Married couple showing off the ring. Bride and Groom in gorgeous sunlight. Bride and groom in teh hallway at the hotel. Beautiful bride with a fur coat. Bride and groom in a downtown park. Reflection of bride and groom in a glass hallway. Rooftop sunset in downtown Greenville. Amazing sunset from the rooftop of the westin. Bride and groom during golden hour on the rooftop. Epic Westin Poinsett rooftop wedding portrait at sunset. Couple kissing on the roof of the Westin POinsett. Couple dancing on the Westin rooftop. Epic sunset with bride and groom. Iconic westin poinsett sign on the rooftop with bride and groom. Bride and groom with the iconic Westin Poinsett sign on the rooftop of the hotel.