Ashley and Tripp’s┬áPearson’s Falls Wedding in Saluda,NC was yet another reminder of how much I love intimate small weddings. After a beautiful drive from Greenville,SC though Tryon,NC to the falls we arrived in the late afternoon to meet up with Tripp and some of their close friends and family. During our brief hike from the parking area to the falls we were scouting locations that we would later use after the ceremony with the couple.

And the ceremony, its hard to put into words how amazingly beautiful it was. Just two people with a handful of close friends and family at the base of a gorgeous waterfall. It may only be roughly a 1/4 mile into the forest but it felt miles away from the hustle of everyday life. It truly was such a beautiful moment. Afterwards we snapped some photos of the bride and groom with their guests and then we strolled though the forest taking some epic shots of the two of them. All this while making our way slowly back to the entrance to the park just in time before the gates were locked for the night.

We can’t thank Ashley and Tripp enough for taking us on this adventure with them! Please enjoy some of my favorite moments from this awesome day!

Wedding Ceremony Locations – Pearson’s Falls in Saluda,NC
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Bride holding her hand in the air while kissing her groom on a rock in the forest after their wedding at Pearson's Falls in Saluda,NC.

This has to be one of my favorite shots from this year. Right after the wedding ceremony we strolled though thee forest alongside the stream with these two when we cam upon this rock in the perfect light. It was the perfect moment.

Bride and groom on a bridge after their wedding in Saluda,NC.

These two were too cute all day. You can see how genuinely ecstatic they were to be here in this moment.

Bride and groom laughing after their wedding at Pearson's Falls in Saluda,NC. Groom lifting his bride in front of the waterfall after their wedding at Pearson's Falls in Saluda,NC. Bride and groom strolling though the forest. Bride and groom hugging after their elopement style wedding in North Carolina. Bride and groom kissing on a bridge their elopement style wedding in North Carolina at Pearson's Falls in Saluda. Pearson's Falls in Saluda NC.

Even in photos it is hard to accurately depict how massive the waterfall at Pearson Falls is. Such an epic location!

Groom in front of a waterfall. Groom fixing his cuffs. Painter painting the wedding ceremony in North Carolina.

They even had a painter there painting the scene as they got married!

Bride standing in the forest. Bride preparing to walk down the aisle at the wedding ceremony in the forest. Bride walking down the aisle at her wedding ceremony at Pearson's Falls in North Carolina. Bride smiling down the aisle. Bride walking down the aisle to see her groom. Groom smiling at his bride walking down the aisle. Groom smiling at the ceremony. Groom smiling at the wedding officiant. Bride smiling during the ceremony in the forest. Bride and groom getting married underneath a waterfall at Pearson's falls in Saluda,NC.

Such a beautiful spot for a wedding ceremony!

Bride holding a beautiful bouquet in the forest. Bride and groom getting married at Pearson's Falls. Bride smiling during the ceremony. Groom smiling during the elopement wedding ceremony. Bride laughing during the wedding ceremony. Bride and groom first kiss at the waterfall wedding in North Carolina. Bride and groom first kiss. Groom smiling at his bride after their wedding in a waterfall at Pearson's Falls in Saluda North Carolina. Married couple in front of a waterfall after an elopement wedding. Groom kissing his bride on the forehead. Bride and groom walking through the forest. Groom kissing his bride. Bride looking at her groom after the ceremony. Bride laughing as the groom whispers in her ear. Bride and groom in the forest. Bride and groom cuddling after their mountain elopement wedding. Newlyweds holding hands while walking over a bridge. Bride and groom walking over a bride in the woods. Newlyweds cuddling on a bridge after an elopement wedding in North Carolina.

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