When I first talked with Paul when he was planning his┬áSurprise Marriage Proposal in downtown Greenville,SC I couldn’t wait to be a part of it. Even with as many weddings as we have been a part of, we usually hear the story of how he proposed at the initial consultation or at the latest the engagement session. I always enjoy hearing that story, but to actually be there and witness it is a whole other level of cool. I have to give Paul props as he had everything planned down to the minute and truly had a vision for what he wanted. And it was executed to perfection.

Just as he had planned they began their walk across Liberty Bridge in Falls Park around 4:30 in the afternoon. He even sent me a photo of what he would be wearing so I could spot them from afar. It was like my own game of Where’s Waldo on a crowded afternoon at the park. As they made their way across the bridge I grabbed some candid shots. I have to admit my heart was pounding a little as I was excited for him and couldn’t wait to capture this moment. As they reached the other side of the bridge I slipped into the background as not to give it away and…boom. He got down on one knee and proposed. And….she said yes!

We then proceeded to stroll though the park and take some engagement photos before these two were off to celebrate with friends and family that evening in downtown Greenville. It was truly an awesome experience to witness much less to capture it. Excited for these guys and their future! Thanks to Paul and Meredith for letting me capture this huge moment in their lives!

Here are some of my favs!

Proposal Location – Falls Park on The Reedy
Proposal Photographers – Cureton Photography

Man preparing to propose to his girlfriend in Falls Park in downtown Greenville,SC. Man walking with his girlfriend in Falls Park in downtown Greenville. Man gets on one knee and asks for his girlfriend's hand in marriage during a surprise proposal in downtown Greenville ,SC. Man pulls out the ring during a surprise proposal in downtown Greenville ,SC. She said yes! Woman says yes to her boyfriends marriage proposal. Woman says yes to a surprise marriage proposal in Greenville,SC. Man puts an engagement ring on his fiancee's finger after a surprise marriage proposal in downtown Greenville,SC. Woman overjoyed that her boyfriend proposed. Newly engaged couple. Man hugging his fiancee at an engagement session right after he proposed. Future husband and wife strolling through the park in downtown Greenville,SC. Woman smiling at her fiancee after he proposed. Engaged couple strolling though Falls Park after his surprise proposal. Newley engaged couple kissing underneath the roots tree in downtown Greenville ,SC. Woman showing off her engagement ring. Man whispering into his fiancee's ear. Engaged couple snuggling in the park. Man kissing his future wife during their engagement session. Engaged couple looking at each other. Engaged couple kissing beside a vintage coca cola advertisement on a wall. Engaged couple smiling at each other. Woman leaning on her fiancee's shoulder and showing off her ring after a surprise proposal in downtown Greenville ,SC.

Surprise Marriage Proposal Photography – Greenville,SC