MacKenzie and Jake had an amazing wedding day! From the wedding ceremony at Furman’s Daniel Chapel to the wedding reception at Green Valley Country Club the day was filled with emotional moments, smiles, and and overall feeling of love in the air. We couldn’t be happier for these two and we feel blessed to have been a part of such an awesome celebration. Its hard to put it all into words so I will let the photos tell the story of the day!

Please enjoy some of my favs below!

Wedding Ceremony Venue – Daniel Chapel at Furman University
Wedding Reception Venue – Green Valley Country Club
Wedding Photographers – Cureton Photography
Videography – Brandon Rice Films
DJ – Uptown Entertainment
Cake – Kathy and Co.
Florist – Simple Stems
Wedding Coordinator – Mary Hearne
Wedding Dress – Poinsett Bride

Bride and groom standing outside Daniel Chapel with her veil blowing in the wind.

These two looked amazing on their wedding day! I LOVE Mackenzie’s veil. It made for some serious fun for photos.

Bride and groom dancing at sunset at their Green Valley Country Club wedding.

The front entrance at Green Valley Country Club made for this epic shot above which has to be one of my favs from the day!

Bride holding onto her groom at sunset at their wedding reception at Green Valley Country Club. Groom kissing his bride on the forehead by the fountains on the Furman University Campus. Bride smiling as her groom hugs her from behind in front of a row of fountains. Groom kissing his bride on the forehead on the Furman University campus after their wedding ceremony. Newlywed couple snuggling underneath the veil. Bridal dress hanging up at Green Valley. Bridal dress with custom hangar. Bride's shoes.

Stunning shoes!

Bride's rings. Bride getting makeup applied in the mirror. Groom opening up his gift from the bride. Groom showing off his new watch. Bride looking at her dress hanging in the window. Bride's mother helping her with the back of her dress. Bride looking back at her mother zipping her dress at Green Valley Country Club. Bride laughing with her maid of honor. Bride's mother putting in her veil before the ceremony. Bride holding her Clemson garters before the wedding.

Gotta shows some love to the alma mater. There were several details throughout the day showing MacKenzie’s love for all things Clemson. See if you can spot it later in the gallery in the cake!

Bride holding hands with her mom before the wedding ceremony at Green Valley Country Club. Bride laughing with her bridesmaids. Bride holding her flowers. Groom relaxing before the ceremony.

That was the look on Jake’s face pretty much all day. That was one happy guy to be marrying his bride!

Groom adjusting his tie. Groom and his groomsmen. Groom and groomsmen on the steps at Green Valley Country Club before the wedding. Bride having a first look with her dad. Bride seeing her father before the ceremony. Bride's father seeing her for the first time in her dress on the wedding day.

Such a sweet moment between MacKenzie and her dad. First looks aren’t just for bride and grooms but for brides and their fathers too.

Bride holding hand with her dad. Bride's father kissing her on the cheek. Bride giving her dad a gift before the ceremony. Father of the bride holding a personalized shot glass. Bride and the bridesmaids outside of the chapel. Bride and the bridesmaids laughing outside of the chapel before the wedding. Bride tearing up while reading a letter from her groom.

Probably my favorite moment of the day. It was quiet in the bride’s room before the ceremony and we caught this shot of MacKenzie getting emotional reading her letter from Jake. He also got her an amazing gift of a pair of Tiffany earrings that were knots. The perfect gift for the perfect day!

Bride tearing up while reading a letter from her groom before the wedding ceremony at Daniel Chapel. Bride wiping tears from her eyes. Bride holding a pair of Tiffany earrings. Wedding details at the chapel. Guest taking a photo of the groomsmen. Bridesmaid staring out of a window of the chapel. Bride walking into the chapel with her father. Bride and her father entering Daniel chapel. Bride and her father walking down the aisle.

The bride’s grand entrance into Daniel Chapel was stunning!

Father giving away his daughter at her wedding. Daniel Chapel Wedding Ceremony panoramic view. Bride and groom at the alter. Bride and groom first kiss. Bride and groom are pronounced man and wife. Bride and groom walking back down the aisle together. Bride and groom leaving the chapel. Bride and groom at Daniel Chapel. Groom whispering into this bride's ear. Bride and groom outside after their wedding at Daniel Chapel on the Furman campus. Green Valley Country Club setup for a wedding reception. Flowers on the sweetheart table. Floral arrangement at the wedding reception.

I LOVE the orange uplighting that Uptown Entertainment displayed. It was the perfect accent to an awesome room at Green Valley.

We had a blast with these two on the golf course at sunset!

Dj Adam from Uptown Entertainment kept the dance floor packed all night! The guests had a blast!

The bouquet got stuck in the chandelier!


At the end of the evening the couple made a grand exit though a sea of sparklers!

Green Valley Country Club Wedding Reception | Daniel Chapel Wedding Ceremony